Posted by: DD | June 14, 2006

No. 208 – Walkies, Revisited **And Updated!**

Who remembers this post? I’m linking to the one in my old site because I want you to read the comments. Yes, read it. Now. The rest of this post won’t make any sense unless you do.

In the past few weeks I’ve noticed from my Knocked Up stats includes several links from Wikipedia. Why the heck would Wikipedia ever link to me? So I back-tracked and found where it was coming from. It was this entry from Wikipedia.

At the bottom of the entry is the External Links. See the "Walkies – An argument against the use of harness."

What the fuck is that about?

If you didn’t read the post I told you to read at the beginning, now would be a good time to do that (right click the links and open in new window).

How did my post discussing my personal one-time observation of someone using a child harness become an "argument against the use" of said item? Especially since I quite clearly stated how in my sister’s case, it ended up being a necessity. Suddenly my opinion became an argument, subject to debate…then again, don’t most arguments start as opinions?

Most of all, it bugs me that someone edited Wikipedia to externally link that post. Could it have been the person who runs this site since I linked there to give you all a visual? But was that a responsible thing to do regardless of who did? My post was not a discussion of merits or a debate. It was based on an outing with my own son who quite frankly would be better off to be hobbled (careful Wikipedia…this is not an argument for hobbles!) than harnessed.

Who knew that someone would use my sharp, analytical mind and natural ability to debate against me! Oh, the horror!


Of course I was going to delete my link (which is now done). However, it would’ve been kind of defeated the purpose of getting to do a whole post about it if I had deleted it BEFORE you could see it.




  1. So are you going to email wikipedia and complain? Fight! Fight! Fight!

  2. Too funny- I thought anyone could edit Wikipedia? Maybe you could change your link to “thoughtful discussion” of walkies.

  3. The way it looked from Wiki, I would have expected some expert on safety discussing children being strangled or something, not a mom questioning the capabilities of an entourage shed’ witnessed.

  4. I think if you create an account with Wikipedia you can edit that entry and remove your website. It does seem a little absurd, since no where in your article did I see you go off on a tangent as to why it was right or wrong.

    I personally think it’s wrong. I hate to even put my dog on a leash, and only do when I know she’ll annoy others by sniffing their crotches in public places.

    I may be on 22, but I’ll go ahead and declare that I will never be a mother with a kid on a leash.

  5. LOL – how very bizarre. You’ve discussed sperm analyses in your blog also – are you linked there? Oh the fun you could have …

  6. Kellie, you got the wheels turning…

  7. just goes to show – the web is a scary place (just like our minds)! bbbbbwwwwaaaahhhhh!

  8. I think Walkies are awesome, I don’t see what you could have against them. I suppose you have some arguments against the use of pet kennels to corral children as well? And I would venture a guess that muzzles for the child with a biting problem are “bad” too?

  9. Some people have issues. You touched on it and it lit that fire. It’s funny how things can take on a life of thier own.

  10. LOL! Suzanne’s comments are so stinking funny. What is up with them? Now I want to go to Wikipedia and see what other interesting links they have attached to their pages!

  11. So just delete it then. That is what Wikipedia is all about.

  12. J is obsessed with Wikipedia. Knowing his propensity for starting out reading something about medieval France and ending up reading about propulsion engines and their use in deep sea diving, or whatever, he could very well have stumbled upon you during one of his “Wiki” sessions.

    I think I’d probably take it off also!

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