Posted by: DD | June 15, 2006

No. 209 – Warning: Lots of Acryonyms (and Swearing)

Many of you probably won’t get this, but if I don’t get it off my chest, I’m going to go postal.

No…I am not kidding.

CMS, why do you have to be such a beaurocratic mother fucker and think that HIPAA was a good idea? And what asshole thought that an NPI would make anyone’s life easier? It certainly didn’t make my life easier. You’ve made me cry and say "fuck!" very loudly in my office. Loud enough for my boss to hear. Suck shit, you federal-piece-of-crap-that-will-never-manage-to-have-money-left-when-I-reach-retirement-much-less-wipe-your-own-asses!

I hope your mothers are ashamed of what you have become and I hope your daughters get the clap…of the mouth! I hate you with a burning passion right now for making my day miserable.

I feel better now. Thanks.



  1. Um…, right on sister!!! (????)
    Is this the appropriate comment? I have no clue what you are discussing but I can google as well as the next so perhaps I will educate myself.
    And I do appreciate that your boss was treated to a sample of your “sharp, analytical mind”.

  2. Ohay, I know what HIPAA is but have no clue as to NPI so I guess I have nothing to comment. HA! For once, I am speechless.

  3. Ah… the woes of providing healthcare and then expecting to get PAID.

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