Posted by: DD | June 15, 2006

No. 210 – By Jove…

…I think I’ve got it!

I added outside code to typepad! And it’s all because of the most glorious Queen of Silver Shoes, Nina over at Stella and/or Ben! Much rejoicing! Much air kisses across the pond! Mwah – mwah!

And just one more exclamation point because there’s nothing like redundancy to create cohesiveness in a spur of the moment post!




  1. ok, what gives? what the hell is outside code?? it MUST be good if you’re flinging kisses around!

  2. I have received them…:-)….do I taste some “raging bull” or what the name was again :-)? Just kidding!

    Glad that you got the code up!!!! Good to see that you have your flickr back…


    Nina (aka. glorious queen of silver shoes)

  3. Code…I never would have guessed that our IF would teach me the joys of “code”.. I liked your wikipedia post by the way.. it is certainly funny when you look at the search terms sometimes … “Dog diahorrea” was my own personal favourite from my blog. Bizarre.

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