Posted by: DD | June 16, 2006

No. 211 – Bluffing

I have 4 days remaining on my free trial w/Typepad. I’ve decided to stay. Even though I was able to avoid the Blogger Disaster #734 of last week by being able to post, moving to typepad did not solve the problem of trying to read and comment on many of the Blogger blogs. Maybe I expect too much for my $4.andsomeoddcents a month.


As of 8:00 last night, we still do not have a well at the new house. Yesterday morning Mr. DD asked me to call Well-Dude and give him a piece of my mind. I’m sorry, but why is it I have to play Bad Cop when shit doesn’t go right on the house? I refused. All that is going to do is make me look like a Bitch (ok, so what if I am…I don’t have to perpetuate it); and Mr. DD look like a pussy. He just doesn’t "do" confrontation very well.

Imagine my surprise then when he called me yesterday afternoon to tell me he spoke to Well-Dude. Do you know the saying, "Comin’ to Jesus "? Uh, yeah, that’s what happened. Mr. DD told WD that if he doesn’t have the well done by the end of this weekend, which is three weeks later than originally promised, he would submit the lien that our attorney has written up and seize his equipment. He has already had Towing Co. come out to verify that WD’s rig is towable and a restraining order will be filed against WD to keep him off the property. Mr. DD told WD that his good nature has been taken advantage of and it will expire this Sunday. Well Co. XYZ will come in and finish the job and Well-Dude will foot the bill.

Suddenly, I found myself yearning for a nooner.

Any doubts by WD about who wears the pants in the family have been dispelled (even if I know differently!), and that’s why I know that at 8:00 last night the well was not done because WD was still out there at that time.

Yes, Mr. DD is bluffing. Hell, I don’t know if any of that can even be done legally. I believed him even though I knew it wasn’t possible. All that matters is that WD believes him and has that damn well done by Sunday night.



  1. Hilarious. How awfully nice that you didn’t have to be the chaser for a change. What I wouldn’t do to avoid being the bad cop… Just cause I’m a teacher doesn’t mean it FEELS good, you know? MEN!

  2. Halllelujah for Mr. DD and for bluffing and for the freaking well. Let’s have a Colorado Bull since obviously you have a raging bull at home ;-)…god that one fitted so well.

    When’s the move planned now? So exciting!!!

    I can tell you the Better Half let’s me be the Bad cop all the time…so I AM a bitch……he even let’s me return his dinner if it’s not what he had ordered in the restaurant…I know I know, no other guy would get through with that with me except from him. I like being the bad cop with him though ;-). Even that came out so nicely 😉

    Well (ha ha ha), have a great weekend ahead!


    Nina (aka. glorious queen of silver shoes – what a wonderful title, may I keep it?)

  3. Ooh, Mr. DD sounded so attorney-ish and all. If they knew how much it turned us on to see them take control, they may do it all the time!!! Wait – is that a good thing?????

  4. I can completely relate. J should have connected the fact that the two times I’ve seen him in court being all lawyerly, he’s gotten very lucky. You would think that he’d invite me every time he was doing even a minor hearing.


  5. Hell I think I’m yearning for a nooner. Impressive!

  6. Yeah a nooner because Mr DD was a stud. You gave me a chuckle with that one! Hope the well gets done soon and you get done soon too! LOL

  7. a-bluffing and a-gushing, the well, I mean…

    At least with Blooger being down last week and Yahoo haring the same pause, they now work much better together. Little to no delay between them.

  8. a-bluffing and a-gushing, the well, I mean…

    At least with Blooger being down last week and Yahoo haring the same pause, they now work much better together. Little to no delay between them.

  9. Don’t you love it when they go all manly on you?

  10. Oh goodness… isn’t it so nice when they shock you by stepping up and taking the bad guys down… totally understand the thought of a nooner at that point.

  11. Go Mr. DD!!

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