Posted by: DD | June 29, 2006

lNo. 220 – Follow Through

Some housekeeping first.

If you have had any problems posting comments, please send me an email detailing the issue. Also, some of your comments are being stopped by TypePad’s edits who consider them to be spam. Therefore they are not being sent to my email account. I have been checking my blog directly for comments, but I apologize if you have asked me a question and I didn’t respond. I’m starting to think I’m jinxed. First Blogger, now TypePad.

Thank you for letting me self-promote my posts on Another Child. I will shamelessly continue to do so. More than anything, thank you for your additional support. I’m still struggling with how to determine what goes here compared to what goes there.

I have new pictures of the house, but I took Flickr down to see if that’s what causing the problem in Paragraph 1. Keep your panties on (if you wear them, yeah, I’m looking at you, TB). If I have to wait a couple more weeks before I can even move into the S.O.B., you can wait a couple of days to see pictures of it.

Now, back to the swimming lessons. Well, when I picked up X from daycare he immediately told me that he didn’t want to go. He didn’t like that his teacher put him in the "Big Pool". He was quickly working himself into a lather. I knew that if I let myself react and get upset, things would swiftly and irrevocably dissolve. I reminded him of how proud I was of him going into the Big Pool and that he only had one more class after this one. He said he was going to tell his teacher he didn’t want to go to the Big Pool again, and I encouraged him to tell her that’s how he felt if she wanted him to do it again. I figured if he felt that strong about it, he would let her know. It would’ve been the easy way out if he had asked me to talk to his teacher.

The one huge disadvantage to the Parent’s viewing area is that it is on the opposite end of the shallow side of the pool, which is where the class stayed the entire 40 minutes. I couldn’t tell what they were doing until at the end when I went back into the pool area. There he was, minus his floaties standing in the pool. Not only was he standing there floatieless, but quite wet. Duh, he’s in a pool, you say? Uh-uh. Hair dripping wet. Until that moment, he has been able to go 40 minutes without of drop of water making it above his chin. The teacher instructed X to show me what he could do. She had dropped a baton to the pool floor. X eyeballed it, took a deep breath and dunked under the water, grabbed the baton and popped back up with it raised triumphantly over his head and had a huge grin on his face.

That broken heart of mine from the prior lesson? It now swelled with pride! If a four year old can accomplish so much in such little time, I think this 38* year old can work on her goals with more confidence as well.

* 38 today, but in exactly a week, 39. Feel free to stop by here if you wish to get an early start on a birthday present. ~mwah~



  1. Another July baby- me too! But your older, ha, ha, ha. 🙂
    So what are these big 39 year old goals?
    Glad X is overcoming his swimming fears. That proud mama feeling is the best.
    I’m having the same problem with Typepad the last few days and I don’t use Flickr- I think its a Typepad issue. Also, some of my regular blomies haven’t been able to email me and I don’t know what’s up with that at all- they get my emails but I’m not getting theirs.

  2. Gosh I’m proud of X.

    I take that approach with The Boy too – if you don’t like something or want something to be different, speak up to whomever is in charge. And he does.

    I am also a July baby, but older. Sigh. If your birthday is July 6? I will be celebrating my 15th anniversary in Vegas on your birthday. I will have one of those fabulous mostly alcohol Raspberry Gimlets in honor of you!

  3. WOO-HOO X!! That’s so amazing!!

  4. Way to go, X! And way to go, Mommy, for handling that situation so perfectly!

  5. YAY X!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I swear. They do better with a 3rd party with swimming. If I were trying to teach J… well, we won’t go there.

    As I’d mentioned, mine swam across the pool for the first time yesterday – freestyle going and backstroke coming. Believe it or not, it was butterfly today!

    They do progress so quickly.

  7. YEAH!! I’m so glad to hear that this lesson went so much better!!

  8. Hi. I followed you from Blogger. I’ve seen you on Scissorbill’s blogspot (which by the way, where did she go?)

    I’m currently trying to teach all 3 of my kids to swim, although my 5 y/o son won’t go past the steps because he vehemently declares “I’ll drown” despite mommy and daddy’s reassurances.

    But my 11 y/o seems to be a natural. After only a few times she’s already swimming underwater pretty well, and is now learning freestyle.

    My 9 y/o is afraid to move away from the wall in the 3 foot area. She’s currently practicing holding her breath underwater. I’m hoping with more of that, she’ll get relaxed enough to realize she floats.

    Do you know any swimming tips for kids?

  9. X is the man. Hey, now that you have running water, does that mean that you’ll be building a pool next to your bee-u-ti-ful house?

  10. I’m proud of him! Apparently the combo of your support and smart teacher win the day. What a good day!

  11. Way to go, X!

    Hope you get what you want for your bday!!

  12. Just catching up after my vacation. Hope you have a wonderful birthday

    Hope the moving thing goes smoothly! Loved the post about your ‘showing’!! It’s so silly to think that we have to have our houses so clean and spotless for a showing, I wonder how perfect the ‘potential buyers’ places are?

    Take care

  13. wow – that’s quite a swimming lesson!

    happy birthday (early)!

  14. Impressive! So you should be proud of him. So what happened? was it partially the “big pool”?

    I actually remember that fear quite tangibly. The scary big pool.

  15. I can comment!!! Wheeheee!

    And X rules! What a brave thing to do!

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