Posted by: DD | June 30, 2006

No. 221 – What’s My Point?

Why…it’s the one on top of my head, of course.  Let me state for the record right now, big and bold:

I will never get pregnant again!

I say that because every time I say "blahdeblah is going to happen", it doesn’t. So I’m slapping ole’ karma right in the face with that. I figure if I say it won’t happen, it now shall…but it won’t, of course… (stop it!).

Perfect example was how I blathered away about us finally moving into the house now that we have water. We do indeed have water. Nice, cool, clean water. What was that? Did I just say COOL? Perfect for quenching my thirst, watering our cash crop of hemp/marijuana (that seems to have found our sandy soil perfect for maturing in), and works pretty nice when one flushes the toilet. But listen, I’m pretty damned spoiled. I want HOT showers. I want HOT baths. I want HOT (okay, warm) water for washing clothes. Where does one get warm water, you ask? Why, you get it when the water passes through the water heater, which is powered by gas.

Hp_camera_files_200See this unsightly tank that I said was going to be moved? It was moved. About a hundred feet from the house because where it’s located in the pix was a temp set-up during construction. We have to bury a gas line to the house, which was scheduled for this past Monday. Mr. DD called Monday a.m. and canceled them. Why, for the love of all that is holy, warm and wet, would he do that? Because in the exact location the line will be buried we have to have a ton of "dirt work" done, which is where they fill in areas along the house with dirt and make things as level and pretty as possible. Because the potential is there that the bulldozing will disturb a buried gas line, we can’t. bury. the. gas. line.

Are you all following along? Really, I know this is some seriously boring shit, but bear with me.

So we phone…we’ll call him Dirt Dude because I think he’s going to be about as difficult to get scheduled as Well Dude, who came to the property so we could walk him through how we want the grade to be along the house, where the lane will be, etc. "Ok, I’ll come tomorrow and stake everything out so you can see how it looks." That was last Friday. Yep, you guessed it. He didn’t show.

I have now left four (4) voice mail messages with him BECAUSE MY HUSBAND LOST HIS BALLS SOMEWHERE IN THE WELL! Quick, call Baby Jessica! Maybe she has some tips on how to get them back!

I seriously thought we would have been in the house by, meh…I don’t know…April/May? Now I find myself royally pissed that we weren’t in by our anniversary, and we certainly have no expectations to be in by my Birthday. I swear, if it goes past July, we will move in even without hot water and we will run our asses over to the old house to take showers, unless of course we get it sold by then. Oh, stop… I’m killing me.

I’ve downloaded my allotted memory into Flickr for the month, so you finally get some detailed pictures. Some have notes on them so if you scroll over them, you’ll find little tidbits of useless trivia.



  1. This is a very lovely home. I can see you did quite well investing your earnings from your illustrious modeling career. *grin*

    Not that I know anything about big tubs of hot water with jets, but if your jetted tub does not have a heater, try to invest in one. Because those tubs drain your hot water heater, and like a normal bathtub, the water cools down quickly.

  2. WOW! Really, Really beautiful house DD.
    Sucks about the water though….

  3. Your house is GORGEOUS. Next Confab is there, right? And we all get to use the whirpool? (Separately, of course) (I mean, if you want)

  4. I lurv your kitchen. I’m sorry its taken so damn long- we’ve never built a house from scratch but have lived through quite a few major renovations and its hard. Maybe by Labor Day?

  5. First, yeah, I won’t either. Oh how it sucks.

    Second, I do love a bungalow-y mission house. I’ve always wanted a bungalow. I didn’t realize that you have furniture in there! You are ready.

    I also didn’t realize that when I pestered you for updates that it would be so painful for us all. Get in there, already.

    Right… that’s like saying “relax.” Sorry. Good luck with Dirt Dude. You should promise him some of your vast hemp crop.

  6. GORGEOUS. Seriously. I am nearly dead from jealousy, and I second what Molly said about the next Confab…
    Hope you find Mr. DD’s balls…and the Dirt Dude.

  7. The house looks nice too bad about the well and gas though. Sheez it’s terrible how discourteous people are getting to be these days. You’d think they’d WANT your $$ and therefore do what the need to earn it. But instead everybody seems to be think that we need to bow down to them.

    Well good luck. And don’t ever give up hope on what you want. Good karma takes time to build up sometimes, but keep positive and good things do happen!

  8. Love the house, sorry to hear you are still having water problems. I am sure you can’t wait to move in it’s beautiful!

    Take care

  9. Ugh. Sorry to hear that you’re having so much building hassle. Although everyone seems to have building hassle so perhaps it’s just because we have an innate faith that things should go as we expect them to that we went up frustrated (although lord knows why we think that given what we’ve been through).

  10. Wow – what a beautiful house!! Oh DD you must be going nuts (more nuts?!) not being in yet.

    I love the photo of X walking with his blinking shoes. SO adorable…

  11. Loooove the house! Definitely the next confab location, plenty of room on the island for margarita machine.

  12. Holy shit DD! I’m so drooling over your house right now!! The kitchen is amazing as is that bathtub which I’m sure will be wonderful to use once you get HOT water. 🙂

  13. Your new home is beautiful. It’s frustrating, I know, but it’s beautiful.
    Patience is a virtue, right?

  14. Wow! You’re house is absolutely amazing! I’m so sorry to hear about your water issue. I understand your frustration. We need to have some concrete work done. The guy was supposed to be here Monday and still haven’t seen him yet. Maybe construction guys live by the philsophy that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  15. Reverse psychology for the gods, eh? Sounds like a better plan than what I can come up with.

    I hope you get your house problems sorted out, and move in soon. Cold showers suck.

  16. Oh-mah-gawd. Your house is every woman’s wet dream. And the kitchen! Oh, my god, the kitchen. Yes, we must have the next Confab there.

  17. I would so be pissed off as well. Buying our first house was traumatic enough — I can’t imagine having one built and having to coordinate a bunch of men to do things (because, you know, the menfolk are sometimes almost useless). Good luck. I hope things come together soon.

  18. That stinks! I hope you get a hot shower soon!!

  19. Love, love, love the house! I’m drooling over your kitchen – fabulous! (Love the blue lights.) I even love your banister rungs.

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