Posted by: DD | July 3, 2006

No. 222 – Battle of the Sexes #7,206

It’s Monday. Why are Mondays predisposed to blow?

I’m sorry, but if you are one of those inept fucktards when it comes to parking your car within the allotted space, do not be surprised then if you come out and find my vehicle parked so close to yours you have to get into your vehicle via the passenger side door. And if you think by dinging my car you have somehow enacted some weird and justifiable revenge, know this: my vehicle is now 5 years old and has been exposed to a toddler/preschooler for three years, plus my husband is an expert body-repair man. So…suck it, asswipe.

Now for the Battle of the Sexes!

Mr. DD and I were going at it early this morning (NO, not "it", gutter-mind) about getting our house sold. Currently we just have a For Sale by Owner sign in the yard, just to see what would happen. We sold our teeny-tiny 1930 Sears house 9 years ago without a realtor as the bank agreed to do all the paperwork for a nominal fee. We had good luck so we thought we’d try it again.

Except, the luck hasn’t been all that good. Two months ago when I wanted to list the house for sale because that’s when potential new home buyers were cruising the market in the hopes to get their roots settled over the summer before sending their kids to school…now THAT was prime selling time. Our window is closing quickly. I told Mr. DD to get the house listed in the paper. I said to do it one way/he said that was stupid. Nothing gets me in a better mood than telling me my ideas are stupid, so we had a yelling match (in front of my Mother who comes to watch X every other Monday) and by the time we each had to go to work the issue remained unresolved.

So here’s your chance to throw in your two cents about the "stupid" idea: I said to include the selling price of the house in the ad because then we can get serious inquiries only; he said not to include it because we can get people to call and get them interested and then tell them the price.

What say you, all you wise and beautiful people (I’m not sucking up, I really think you’re lovely…did you get a new haircut, by the way?)? By the way, this is what we are competing against (we are listing the house 10K less, but if we get a realtor, we will have to raise the list price).

and…AND…I have been considering playing hostess to a Confab, Nebraska style, if there is some interest in coming here. Now is the time to let me know.



  1. Not sure about your market over there but if the market is sluggish, put the price in the ad so people know if it is in their ballpark or not. Happy house-selling! Can you do a cheap internet listing, as well as in the newspaper? Forgive me if this is assvice as I live in a different country 😉

  2. My first instinct was to hold with Mr. DD. Get everyone calling and get the interest going, but then again, once my first instinct was to pierce my nose, which I by now regret.

    Confab Nebraska style…..hmmm…can I come? When? As you know, I ALWAYS wanted to come to Nebraska! Are there direct flights to/from CPH? When? When should I come. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it before like October…right in time when IVF#2 has potentially gone to hell…. Do I get a raging bulldog drink (forgive me please for still not remembering what it is actually called).

    Hope the house selling goes well, either way of the add, but I agree with Pamplemousse, put it up on the internet!!! But that’s maybe more the European style?

    Many hugs, and don’t forget a freaking house is nothing to fight about, just as I tell myself “a freaking wedding is nothing to fight about”.


  3. We just bought a new house in Michigan. Without the price listed it’s not even worth calling about a house.

  4. Remember – oops, btw, I NEED a haircut, bytche – you must be confused about your audience – as a paranoid non-phone person, nothing speaks less to me than to have to call for information, but have to wait for someone to jabber and I have to act like I’m being polite (and a potential asset to their neighborhood) as I wait to get to the f’n price.

    Pragmatic. Bottom line, up front.

    Because you know I’m so good at relationships and all, particularly with it being f’n July 3, as a compromise, might I suggest ONE week in the paper w/out a price followed by as much time as needed with a price? So it’ll spend all of two weeks in the paper and be sold. YIPPEE!

  5. I would say DO put the price. When we have looked in the past, we always appreciated seeing the price.

    Good luck!!

  6. can’t not put the price. People need to know whether it’s worth the trouble to call or to drop by. They need to know whether it’s in their price range. Good luck!

  7. Women generally make the choice to view a house or not. *I* am a woman. I won’t even call if there’s no price listed – it annoys the crap out of me. When I look at a flyer or an ad online, I want to know first of all, what’s the price, then what’s the square footage and # of bedrooms. Then I look for the extra goodies. I say definitely put the price in, unless you’re of the opinion that you’re asking too much, and the price is a put-off.

  8. Oh – and I’d be in on the confab thing.

    (And I’m really glad to know I’m not the only paranoid non-phone person.)

    Oh, and Nina – Elope. Seriously.

  9. Before we build and we were still looking around – we didn’t even consider houses that didn’t have prices listed. I don’t want to see anything that isn’t in my price range… I just don’t want to waste my time only to get disappointed. I won’t call for a price either – seems ridiculous. If you don’t disclose the price right away I feel like it’s because the house is overpriced and you don’t want your neighbors laughing at you or the seller really desperate and might take the best offer. lol. List the price DD – your totally right on this one.

  10. I say list the price. When we were house hunting, we decided what to look at based on the listing prices. If there are a lot of houses available, I would only call about those I knew were in my price range.
    Also, you might consider listing it on Craig’s List as well – some friends sold their house from a listing there.

  11. List the price. I agree with the other ladies, I wouldn’t even look at a house with no price listed.

  12. I would list the price, too! When we were looking for a house, that was one of the most important details.

    The confab things sounds promising!!!

  13. I have to throw in my agreement. I’ve been condo hunting (half assedly admittedly) but if there is no price, I automatically assume it is out of my range. 🙂 And I agree I don’t want to call and waste anyone’s time once I discover that it is out of my range. (Plus then I avoid that whole weird ‘Um, okay thanks’ convo when I discover I’m too poor) 🙂

  14. When we were house hunting, we wouldn’t even consider houses whose houses weren’t listed. It’s way too intimidating. When it comes to house-shopping/selling, transperancy is best.

  15. I completely agree. When looking for a house we would always feel the people with no price listed must be asking too much and it wasn’t worth the call. Since a house is such a big purchase, price is the thing that matters initially. If you can’t afford it, it’s not worth looking at and getting all excited about it.

  16. Good luck with the house… As for the price thing, most realtors advertise with the price so I figure that must count for something?

    Good luck

  17. Everyone agrees with the right answer, which is to list the price, so I won’t elaborate further. I just wanted to say that if I had any chance of getting to Nebraska, I would want to come to a confab. So I hope you have one so that I can read about it afterwards.

  18. We have just started looking for a new house. I say definitely list the price. I automatically skip over the ones that don’t have prices listed assuming that if I have to ask I can’t afford it.

    I love the idea of Confab Nebraska style! My husband thinks I’m insane, but I love the plains. Each summer we head to Colorado for a week and I actually let out a sigh of relief when we come out of the mountains and I can see forever. I may be a little weid but I think Nebraska is beautiful!

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