Posted by: DD | July 5, 2006

No. 224 – Wordless Wednesday, 4th Installment

8903_drinking_w_moeOK…so not exactly "wordless". I found this picture when I was looking for one of Moe. That cat had us trained that when he jumped up onto the bathroom counter, we would turn on the water.

This was one trick that he taught X.



  1. hehehe. Very sweet.

  2. For a second, just a second, I thought he was drinking out of the toilet.

    My dog Bear preferred the toilet, and when he would hear it flush he would RUN to the bathroom because he liked the “fresh” running water. Very, very disgusting. Not having a toilet drinker is one of the perks of having small dogs.

  3. When I first opened your post I thought it was the toilet too!! 🙂 The sink is MUCH better!

    That is so cute!

  4. He’s saving you from one little dirty cup. What an angel!

  5. I am so glad it wasn’t wordless. At first, I thought it was a toilet, too. But the cat factor made it all better. Oh, and I finally saw the faucet.

    X’s downey hair is so cute.

  6. adorable

  7. Omgosh, I don’t know whether to laugh or gasp. lol!

  8. Hey, it’s a very efficient way of gaining access to liquids! Clever boy.

  9. Very cute!
    (I also had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t some funky modern toilet!)

  10. Happy b-day (late) and I’m sorry about Moe. He was a true cat stud and brilliant, as one can tell from the photos.

    And the kid isn’t too bad either.

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