Posted by: DD | July 8, 2006

No. 226 – Wish List

I have discovered that there are some people I know in real life who are reading my blog, and for whatever reason, they have never mentioned it to me. If you want to have a better idea of how I feel on many days and you do not feel comfortable just asking, let me share this with you so you don’t have to wonder anymore.

And because you were reading all this time without giving me the slightest inkling, I have been considering password protecting my site. I am not happy about that, either.



  1. I am so sorry you are going through this…

    Take care

  2. Please people (whoever you are). We all love DD and I for one would be sad to have her go password protected. Yes, I would likely be granted the password to the kingdom (maybe I’m deluding myself here) but it cuts down on the number of new visitors and really… this is DD’s blog so if you can’t be polite and discuss reading her blog with her, bog off (maybe this should be blog off).

  3. I ditto DinoD!!! What about a site meter to get a better idea of who’s visitting? I know they’re not exact as to who’s reading, but maybe get a little better idea. But I totally understand the feelings of invasion & betrayal you must be feeling. I’d die if I found out any of my fam was reading me.

  4. DD, I’m so sorry about what must feel like an invasion of privacy, even if it is on the Internet. With you, I would try to make an exception, but I just don’t go to pwp sites. Bloglines is my memory-impaired salvation. I wish, instead of pwp, there was a way to control where feeds were sent. I’ll work on inventing that system.

    Have you tried to talk to the people directly?

  5. I know how you feel and went under the PWP myself. My blog, even though its on the internet, was supposed to be my safe place to feel crappy or good or confused without having to justify myself to those in my real life who seldom “get it.” Hang in there.

  6. How odd that they would sneak-read your blog. They’re being weirdo’s in my opinion, as it’s sort of like someone you know peeking in your windows at home without telling you.
    Yuuuu Huuuu, losers. Why the hell hide behind your computer screen. Bunch of peeping tom types….

    DD, get StatCounter. It is free and tracks everyone who visits, where they live, where they were before they came, what pages they read, how long that were here, even what type of computer they use and also their ISP number.
    Once you get that number you can block them (not sure how to do that, just know you can) This will turn the light on the weirdos.
    Then their time is up.

  7. How frustrating, not to mention rude of them. I hope you don’t have to go PP but if you do, I’ll still come and visit.

  8. DD – I can only imagine how invaded and disgusting you must feel… I hope you don’t have to password protect. Love to you. x

  9. I’m sorry you are being invaded by real life. It’s weird how much easier it is to write for strangers. My husband sent out a global email with my blog address 2 months ago – I could have killed him! It’s easier to be honest when you don’t feel you need to censor yourself for those in your real life.

  10. I know what you’re going through DD. I still worry about who reads my blog, and it was why my original blog first went password protected, and then went away completely.

    Unfortunately, you have to do what you have to do to feel safe – this is your place to share, and if you can’t do that knowing people who know you are reading, then so be it.

  11. Hey there! Just catching up prior to going to the grocery store, my least favorite chore. First, sorry about Moe. We lost our yellow lab when the boy was 2, and figured we didn’t have to explain. But, the boy is clearly MENSA material, because he remembered the dog and still talks of him. So we did explain about heaven which is easier since he also has grandpa there. Second, my husband is the expert mechanic for a body shop. Ah, so much in common. Third, happy belated birthday. Your picture is oh so cute. And fourth, I hate to see that people are spying on you and must admit, I have this worry myself. I suppose there’s not much we can do about it, but wish the people had the balls to fess up.

  12. Similar situation over here. I’m sorry. *hugs*

  13. That totally sucks. I always have to pretend that people I know won’t read my blog but I know they do. Wierd how much easier it is to write for strangers.

    Also, very moving post on recurrent miscarriages. I’ve been there myself many times.

  14. Sorry you’ve got IRL lurkers. I might have a few, but I don’t even care anymore. Let em read what I have to say. If they don’t have the balls to tell me they are reading than I don’t have to censor myself when I speak about them.

  15. Ewww. That would just suck and give me the creeps.

  16. Wow. That really sucks! I got a little drunk with friends a couple of weeks ago and let it slip that I have a blog. Immediately after I said it I felt regret and then had to quickly change the subject before anyone asked for the site.

    I agree with the others. We say things to “strangers” that you wouldn’t to our everyday people. We also say things to this internet community because you know that they will understand. We know that our readers understand in away that our friends and family cannot. I’m so sorry your sneak readers violated that comfort.

  17. Thru StatsCounter, I discovered that an old “friend” was coming to read my blog. I decided she was not a friend years ago, after she wrote me a long, long email detailing what she hated about me.

    Anyhow, I decided to be amused that she feels the need to read about my life, though I have to admit that between her and my nasty stalker, I haven’t been writing much personal stuff in my blog lately.

    Hope you can come to terms with those people reading your blog or find a way to stop them – whichever works best for you…

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