Posted by: DD | July 10, 2006

No. 227 – Has This Ever Happened To You?

This "natural" business of conception is for the birds (and bees, apparently). It’s CD18 and still no surge. I told Mr. DD last night and pulled out the adoption card. The look on his face, kids, was priceless. Doesn’t he see the bright side to this? No more SAs!

And my belly button itches. It’s really unpleasant and it doesn’t help to stick my finger in there to scratch, as that induces a whole different huzzy feeling that shoots right up into the back of my eyeballs. Wouldn’t it be cool if by pressing your belly button, it sets into motion a LH surge?



  1. Are you using a fertility monitor? I just got the ClearBlue Easy one and this is my first month using it.

  2. So by “natural” conception you mean without “artificial” assistance right? I think I read about that once.

  3. We’ve been watching too many action adventure movies lately, like The Mummy and National Treature.

    Booming conspiratorial voice…
    You have unlocked the mysteries of the age old question. Is there an ovulation trigger that doesn’t come in a syringe? The ages have revealed: Nudge the navel so the eyeballs do a reverse pierce to fully engage the pituitary for the secret syrup.

    Or something like that.

  4. Natural conception… now there’s an idea! 🙂

    Take care and good luck!

  5. You are too funny!! Spermy has been quite enjoying this “natural” conception process. “We’ll just hafta keep trying.” bonehead.
    The belly button thing? It makes me need to pee. weird, huh?

  6. That stinks about the surge – what is up with that? I had that twice, also. It was so late I finally just gave up one month!

  7. I’m pretty sure the natural conception thing is an urban legend. But I do have to agree on the CP monitor–it’s always gotten my surge right, even though it says that it can be off for women with PCOS. I got one on Ebay for like $100, instead of $200 in the drugstore. I buy test sticks on there also. I figure that I’d have spent at least that much buying OPKs to figure out my damned irregular ovulation day, so it was worth it for me.

    Is Mr. DD coming along at all with the idea of adoption, or is he still doing the ostrich-with-head-in-sand: “If I can’t hear it, it doesn’t exist!”

  8. The belly button thing is weird for me too. Makes me need to pee and makes me slightly nauseous. Strange.

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