Posted by: DD | July 17, 2006

No. 232 – W.W.J.D.

After one of your bathroom breaks while at work, you notice your panties/skivvies/underwear/bloomers are on inside out. Do you bother getting naked from the waist down to change them or not?

By the way, I don’t think Jesus would have an answer. I’m pretty sure he was a commando-kind-of-guy. That’s why I’m asking you. Maybe this post should be titled W.W.B.D.



  1. It would depend on what I was wearing. If I could easily switch them I think I would but if there were tights or complicated shoes involved, I would surely leave them. . . LOL.

  2. I encountered this just last week. I was at home alone. I could have corrected it easily.

    But I didn’t. Man, I felt decadent.

    I’ll admit to contemplating whether I could get two days out of them as a result – do the double-sided flip to extend wear – but decided against it. I’m only so much a slob.

  3. Did it last week too. I just leave ’em.

    I like my brother’s version of WWJD, it’s WWJJD? What would Jesse Jackson Do?

  4. Leave them, totally. God. What if you caught your ankles caught in the pantie holes or something and fell down? Accident risk. No way.

  5. I’d leave them, for sure. The stalls at my work are way too little accomplish that kind of thing.

    But I might do it in my office.

  6. This has happened to me multiple times. Leave them be. Unless they are lace and itchy, who the fuck cares?

  7. It depends on the panties and the stall. Most of the time I change them, but like someone else said, I always wonder if I perhaps could get two days worth out of them since they started inside out.

  8. I’d leave ’em too (in fact, I did it just the other day!). They’re already ‘dirty’ on the wrong side, no need to go spreading that around 😉

  9. I am with Nico… leave ’em the way they are! LOL

  10. I’m also in agreement with Nico. Why bother dirtying up both sides?

  11. I agree with Nico – leave them as is!

    I have put a shirt on backwards before – now that I would change ASAP!

  12. most certainly NOT. why?? why? (any real attempt to answer this will reveal much about the responder;-))

  13. Leave em. Now, if I were single and had a hot date with potential that night, I’d fix em. That being said, if I was single and had a hot date that night with potential, I’d probably have cared what clothes I put on and put them on with great care.

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