Posted by: DD | July 27, 2006

No. 240 – Behold!

Since many of you caught me with my pants down (joining the ranks of my OB/GYN and RE and husband…and maybe just one or two old boyfriends…), and I had nothing but excuses to reply back to you with, I have worked my fingers to the nubs and my sidebar links are done!

For now…as far as I can tell.

And being slightly OC, I have many of the links cross-referenced in a little file I have so you may find that some of the links are listed more than once. For example, Another Child is under Sparring Partners, Adoption, Veni (Parenting), SIF and Infertility because the site frequently covers these topics.

So instead of just 110+ links, which is about what I read, there are nearly 150 links over there.

Now that I have effectively caused myself to go cross-eyed, and to have caused your stats to look as if I am stalking you in one-second intervals, I can go rest a while…until someone goes and has another baby. July has been a rocking month, hasn’t it?

Anyhoo, as you will see, there is Sparring Partners, which are sites I occasionally write for; SIF Sisters: well that goes without saying. Veni, Vidi, Vinci! is for those writers who cover parenting; Adoption & Accolades are those who are or have, adopted. Infertility: Just a State of Uterus is for those beautiful men and women who are doing the damnedest to make it happen; and then there’s Knocked Down…and Then Knocked UP! which is going to give me the most work keeping that thing updated (note that once you are on there, you cannot be taken off until you have written a beautiful birth story); and finally, a break from all the estrogen and progesterone, He Laughed, She Cried, I Peed My Pants is a lovely (relatively speaking) group of people who write some great stuff. Actually, everyone should be cross-referenced to here, but I had to limit it to those who don’t talk about The Bits any more than a normal person.


Oohh! Guess what? Someone did just deliver another Babeeee! When I started blogging, she was one of the first to find me AND comment. She has been a consistent supportive voice for almost a year now. Well, the lovely Cat has delivered her little boy! I "gHOSTed" for her over at her site. Stop on by and boggle at the idea that someone actually has been reading my crap for almost a year now!



  1. Woohoo! I’m so great I made SIF Sisters TWICE! Leaveit leaveit leaveit!

    Really, we appreciate your OC, we do.

  2. Funny, I kept looking for my name and couldn’t find it. I felt bad. Then I looked under the category where I guess I belong but never thought to look. It was kinda nice to see my name there under the new category! Thanks.

  3. Holy crap, mama! And thought I had OC pretty bad! I’m in lluuuuuuvvv with organization, so your mad/ hard work is beauty!! And I luv all the catchy category titles! Smarty pants! I will call you “frikkin’ briiliant”, if you like!

  4. DD, I will work on my blog soon, promise. Sorry for not linking to you.

  5. I now feel woefully inadequate. I haven’t even figured out HOW to do link yet and you have them all neatly organized and categorized. Better knock it off or we’ll start calling you Martha 🙂

  6. Wow! Your link list is impressive….I so need to do mine!! Every time I start, though, I get distracted by a newly discovered blog and never make it through.

  7. So organized, so tidy! I am very impressed. How do “normal” people talk about The Bits? I have soooo long ago lost touch with normal!

  8. Thanks so much for correcting the studder for Churp, Churp. I love all the extra attentitiveness.

    There’s another at the bottom of IF, too – Waiting Line.

    I’m scoping for new reads, so I’ll probably pester your counter some more.

  9. Your site looks grand! I can’t wait to click on some of the other SIF links!

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