Posted by: DD | August 18, 2006

no. 255 – Wrap It Up, I’ll Take It

I was asked some questions (better late than never?)(and you see how some questions can turn me into an instant basket case in post no. 252) that I haven’t answered. I’ll see if I can make this brief (shut up, I can, too…)

Well Heeled Mom asked me if we’ve sold our house.

No, we haven’t. Barely a nibble since the rude drop-in the day (the hour) I put the sign in the yard. A realtor is working with us to see if our siding is still under warranty. It’s really faded and it might help with some additional curb appeal. The market here is completely saturated.

B asked why no pictures of me.

Because I am a horrible, disfigured troll of a woman. Gnarly is not surfer-talk in describing me. I’ve been thinking about a blog post that will be titled, "Me, Myself and Acne Vulgaris".

No one asked about August, but I thought I’d give you an update.

She is living very happily with my in-laws. Can you believe it?! Now X can go see her whenever he wants and she is happy because there is someone home almost all of the time. Mr. DD’s mother took her on a trial basis and they fell in love with her shy yet affectionate manner. Unlike their evil and spiteful Ma*ine C*oone who will bite my MIL on the hands while she is sleeping on the couch. Evil, I tell you.

Queen Mama wanted to know more about my stint with ballroom dancing and what it felt like when the dancing was good.

If I could, I would become a student at a studio tomorrow and continue dancing. It was the best job I ever had, bar none. And it wasn’t the "job" part that I cared for. It was the dancing. I was sub-par at best in the talent department, but we could go out to any nightclub and clear the floor with just basic steps. I love having a skill so few people have, but should. I loved the attention and I am disappointed beyond words that Mr. DD has no natural rhythm. If any of you live in a city where they offer ballroom dances lessons, go take some. Even if it’s without your significant other.

And finally, DinoD asked me the thought-provoking question: What 3 words make me, me?

I am struggling with this big time. I think of 3 things and I cross through them because it sounds like an interview answer. I think of 3 more things and it sounds like a horoscope entry. And then I think of 3 more and they sound like a on-line dating profile.

So I am stumped. The only thing I could come up with were 3 things I wish I could say:

Trust. Contentment. Strength.



  1. Hi- just catching up from a week away. I’m sorry that you’ve had a tough time thinking about V. and what she might be like now as a 2 year old. So hard.

    You know I want the password- and I want to know what’s up. Hope all is okay.

  2. Dear DD, if you need a co-author for Me, Myself and Acne Vulgaris, drop me a line. Not that I know ANYTHING about acne, of course. No! Not at all! Not a bit! Never! Nuh-uh! *sob*

  3. I still believe that you are secretly a super model!

    Thanks for reminding me of your new address. My links are so outdated.

  4. Ha! I’ve seen you! No gnarly troll. Didn’t I see you in the latest US magazine?

  5. Dear gnarly troll
    Sorry about the acne thing but you know, you can always disguise that by wearing a lot of red (red hair helps as well).

  6. Smarty Pants…
    This was cool tho’, regardless of what you may think of your looks. Its nice to occassionally get a deeper peek in to one’s life. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Yeah – the 3 words bit always gets me too. How funny that I just came across this because I spend the afternoon with a friend who asked me this question also. No, I don’t have deep emotional conversations with my friends all the time, she is working on this subconscious reprogramming thing called psyche-k and I was her lab rat. BTW – if you google it I must warn you about the site – it is a bit, well, freaky. I must admit, I was skeptical but her “theory” may actually work.

  8. My 3 words that sum me up? “More cheesecake please.” Yours are better.

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