Posted by: DD | August 22, 2006

no. 258 – Wordless Wednesday, 6th Installment




  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on the cuteness of my little guy. Must now return the favor and say your guy is adorable- this is a great pic! Looks like you’ve got a future rock star on your hands:) Take care, Leslie (LC)

  2. Well what a handsome little rocker. So can I put in a request for a song? He looks to be up to the challenge!

  3. Rock On!

  4. Oh, what a dear. And he looks like you, I think.
    Hope you are well–that last post, with the mice, freaked me right the fuck out, by the way.

  5. A musical genius!

  6. He is so cute!!

  7. Why does he look more like he’s singing Guns N’Roses rather than Elmo?

    Rock on, Little Man!

  8. As a former band groupie, I can tell you that the guy is going to be a total chick magnet!

  9. He’s adorable!

  10. Rock on, little man! Did you see Dubs pic of her little girl rokker today, too? These two should meet.

  11. That really makes me want to have a boy. I would so love to have a rock star son – not that I wouldn’t enjoy having a rock star daughter. 🙂

    DD, you are very lucky indeed!

  12. See, now that makes me want to have a boy…

  13. Future rock star, eh?

  14. CLearly he needs a mullet if he’s going to be a rocker.

  15. what a cute little guy you have!

  16. I love the look of concentration on his face.

  17. Very sweet.

  18. I LOVE IT! He is obviously the son of a supermodel and the sexiest man alive, how else would he be so damned cute??

  19. Those plaid shorts are too cute.

  20. I can tell he is loved! What a darling photo!

  21. Chicks dig guitar players.

    I should know, I was dating one when I first met Joe; who is ALSO a guitar-man.

    Too bad you got rid of the fringed leather jacket. Bon Jovi, look out!

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