Posted by: DD | August 25, 2006

no. 259 – ‘Til We Meet Again

Last night, Mr. DD and I had a nasty fight. Of course it started over something stupid: I had left some parcels in the hallway and he is on Day 5,419 of not making the bed. At its ugliest, the words "fucking bitch" and "c*nt" were said; pillows from the bed were thrown into the hallway as a signal for the other to find somewhere else to sleep; and the worst was thought and that was "I can’t believe I want to have another baby with you."

All these things? They were done or said by me.

This morning we hugged each other tightly in a silent and unspoken apology. When I came to work, there was an email from him to me that was sent after I went to bed in an angry huff. He ended the email with, "You two are my world." Of course I cried guilty, crappy tears, hiding behind a tissue and waving off concerned looks with a blubbered excuse of allergies.

We’re both under a lot of stress and we are taking it out on each other, and sub-consciously, X. I tell myself it has to get better and when I take stock of what my "problems" are, I am horrified with how petty I can be.


This will be my last post before the password is put into affect, sometime probably on Sunday/Monday. I sent out the info in an email. If you didn’t get it, it may be because of one of the following reasons:

1. You did not ask for one. There is still time, but it will need to come via a comment and not through a private email. Why? Because, I’m watching IP addresses.

2. You have the email, but it’s either sitting in your spam, or it was rejected by your SpamCop. I did receive failure notices with at least 3 of your emails, and I have notified you of this via a comment on your sites.

3. I did have to reject a three of the requests, but sorry Julie, Tertia and Dooce. I don’t have time for your shenanigans.

I hope you won’t all be disappointed when you find out that my change to a protected site is not really as dire as I may have led you to believe. I have some things I need to write about, but can’t because there’s still someone in N%rfolk who’s reading and hasn’t presented themselves. Maybe it’s coincidental and it’s not who I think it is, but I doubt it.

And here’s where I get a little scared with how much I have come to depend on the support I get here: I’m afraid that this will be the beginning of the end of my blog. What if by going password protected, I am in fact, jumping the shark? I feel like I’m going to have to try a little harder since it will be more effort put forth on your end.

Slack Writing > Imposed Effort in Reading = Decreased Interest

I can promise to sweeten the deal just a tad: since things will be completely private, I may even show you a picture of me in all my gnarly, trolly beauty. In fact, here’s something I modeled for some time ago that I think is quite flattering.

See you all on the flip side.



  1. Hiya

    Can I have the password, please? Pllllleaasseeeee?

  2. Oh my gosh! I have the same dress! And I wear my hair the same, its just not as dark…are you sure you haven’t been peeking in my closet? See ya on the other side!

  3. Would you stop showing my picture to people?!… I gave you that in confidence.

    Sorry about the fight – I can SO relate. Sounds like you have a keeper there. The email would have melted me on the spot.

  4. Sheesh. Is that your left breast exposed? Wow. Is that what we can look forward to now?

    PS –

  5. Dear Gnarly Troll
    We will all be so personally vested in your blog now (holding the all important keys to the castle) that we are likely to harass you unmercifully if you start slacking on the posts.
    We expect, no, we DEMAND personal details and titillating tales. No, wait, we already get those. Ah, we demand something here, I’m just not sure what – I’ll get back to you on this.

  6. May I please be included?

  7. I’m an occasional lurker who would love to be able to keep up with your blog. If you are uncomfortable sending the passowod, I totally understand, but if not, I’d love to have it!

    Donielle 🙂

  8. Fights like that suck. I hate when things cross that line of stuff you think but should never say. Glad you were able to put it aside this morning. And big points for the email.

    I don’t think you will be abandoned…typing in a password isn’t exactly that taxing. We all love you and can handle the extra step. Your readership obviously can’t grow because new people can’t discover you…but the people who you’ve come to rely on have also made a connection with you and will continue to support you through times needing passwords. I don’t think anyone is expecting some huge amazing revelation – we’ve all had the oogy feeling of someone we know reading. It induces panic in many bloggers.

  9. I’m delurking in hopes of receiving the magic password. I’ve been lurking for a few months and would love to keep up on what is going on
    Michele F

  10. erm, I guess I’m delurking, but I would love to have your pwd, too.

  11. Password please? If you give it to me I might even get my act together enough to start commenting!

  12. Oh, I am sorry about the fight, but I can so relate. During the beginnigs of IF dh and I became closer, but as we continue to have failed cycles the stress just builds. And please don’t stop blogging!! It is SO nice to read and know that I’m not the only one going through this!

  13. We’re about due for another fight like that. Hoping it won’t happen, but it does, to everyone, once in a great while. That email must’ve been like warm butter with sugar on top. You’re lucky to have each other, just keep telling yourselves that. Even if you do look like some $2 troll.

  14. Hi DD. I hate fights like that.

    Please send me the password. I would hate to lose track of you.

  15. Dear DD, I’m so sorry about that fight. It must have been awful awful awful. So good that you made up! And that e-mail… awwwwwww.

    I think I’ll deign to take your “slack writing” and password hurdle, out of the kindness of my heart and all. 😉

    And may I ask you please to desist from posting pictures of me on your site. Jeez. I did not have my curlers in yet.

  16. Sorry about the fight – we’ve been having a few of those and they just suck all the energy out of everything, don’t they?

    I WAS going to give up on you until I saw that super sexy picture – how did you get your hair to stand up like that? Now I couldn’t stop reading if I tried, so I will continue to check in.

  17. I would like the password please. I’ve been reading your site for a few months and I promoise I’m no where near Norfolk 🙂

  18. Hi! I read more than I post but would like to be able to keep up with you if you don`t mind. I would appreciate you sending me the password if you feel like it!

  19. I have never commented here but we have been in touch and I would miss you terribly … can I have a password please?

  20. Can I be one of the COOL kids? If not, I’ll just have to call you more. Talk to you soon.

  21. It will be fine after your password protect. Kate the Peon did it AND changed her URL. Her blog hasn’t suffered for it.

  22. I need the password!!

  23. Can’t wait to see your picture. And of course it goes without saying that the amount of stress you all are under is enough to make anyone crack now and again. I have been there many times. Give yourself a break and know that your husband understands.

  24. I hate arguments like that… and generally I too am the one who says mean and nasty things, throws pillows, etc. Now go hug your husband and quit calling him names. It sounds like the two of you worked out whatever stress you were under. Looking forward to reading you on the flip side so to speak… whether your boring, funny, etc etc. You are stuck with me.

  25. Don’t worry, I think you’ll still have a lot of people keeping up with you, even if the password thing is a step more. And if you find that this is the beginning of the end, well, you gotta do what you gotta do for you. I’m beginning to think I may be getting to that place as well. Either way…see you on the other side.

  26. Delurking just to ask for the secret password… I’ve been reading awhile and would like to keep up on how things are going. (Also wondering why do I feel so much nosier asking for the password than I do just reading your blog?!)

  27. Also delurking. Please don’t leave me behind either. Definitely on the other side of the country!

  28. This IF crap is SOOOO stressful that I don’t know one couple that doesn’t get into at least a few arguments extraordinaire.

  29. I’ve tested the new password thingy and even I (a blogtard) can find my way here.


  30. PS

    OMG you really are a troll! A REAL troll. How cool is that??

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