Posted by: DD | September 3, 2006

no. 264 – It’s Better Today

Having a protected site sucks. No more crazy google searches show up in my statcounter…except this one: "rotting mouse smell". I have no idea what the person from Chicago was looking for since I went up to the first 100 results, and I still could not find my site. Maybe s/he is looking for a scratch-n-sniff?

The garage sale is history. I’m at peace for now. We only kept the highchair because Mr. DD’s sister wants to borrow it for her grandchildren. I’ve also realized there just is no accounting for taste or being abnormally cheap when it comes to garage sales. Our carseat, Cosco, new $100, sold for $7 and that’s after Mr. DD accepted an offer as I had it marked at $10. I had several people compliment us for the like-new condition of the baby clothes, but then turn up their nose at the $1.50 price tags. I felt like scooping everything up at one point and announcing they can pay $10 or more for each item if they were to get it from G00dwill …after I donate it. Jackasses.

I definitely kept the dino jammies, plus a couple of other things to add to X’s baby chest. And Mr. DD earned a gold star when he said if things all work out, we can buy all new stuff. He reminded me that we never did care for the bassinet and that things have changed quite a bit in 5 years. I love that man.

I’m sorry that so many of you were bummed out and even brought to tears by my last post. I don’t realize the impact of many of my posts as they tend to lose their "edge" when I have reread them a dozen times during editing. I’m better, truly, for writing here even though I know many of you think to yourselves, "she needs some serious therapy…seriously!"

I found out that I’m CMV negative. That means I’ve never been exposed to the virus so I have no antibodies. That also means that we must limit the selection of a donor to someone who is CMV negative as well. It really has cut into the available gene pool (literally), and add to that finding someone who has many of the physical qualities as Mr. DD: 6′ 3", 185 lbs,  dark – wavy hair, hazel eyes, rugged features and a body like Matthew McConaughey… We have only been able to find donors who have the hazel eyes, but none of the other features I desire, um, erm, we are looking for.



  1. Man… everybody gets better google hits than I do. I need to start blogging about stranger things. I’m so tired of being a “clomid side effect” kind of gal…

    Glad the garage sale is done. WTF is up with people being so cheap?

    And really weird – you look a lot like I pictured you. I guess that means your personality fits you?

  2. You’re a babe! Maybe you are an ex-supermodel like you say in your tagline. No? Oh well.

    I’m very proud of Mr DD for becoming so calm about the donor thing. That’s a very impressive guy you have there.

  3. Not wanting to state the obvious, but have you considered not telling the truth out to the real-world regarding DS? Not because of issues you have about it, because clearly you’ve been around the block, but because it may shock you at how telling comes back to haunt you.

    I’m not even saying lie, I’m saying an omission of that detail. And if someone asks you directly, I’d be inclined to say, “well, aren’t you cheeky!” or some other non-committal answer that points out that they are asking for too much information about something they don’t need to know.

    Even some of my best friends in real life would ask me things like, why I didn’t tell my parents about what I was doing as I was doing it. (Because I’d tell them after the fact.) I’d say, “Well, did you call your mom & dad and tell them that you’d engaged in procreative sex while you were attempting to conceive your child?” Because medical technologies are involved, people sometimes forget that your life is private, and that you should decide the who, the where and the when.

    My point is that in the time that I’ve been around the IF world, I’ve seen lots of regrets about not being able to “un-tell” something to someone somewhere along the way.

    I know that might seem contrary to my own truth-telling penchant, but I’m really fucking tired of it all, and figure it is an educational process, and I’m beyond caring about the issues of other people. (But I still won’t tell my parents before the fact – because I think the post-game recaps make for less heartache.)

  4. Those are some awesome garage sale prices! I just went to one this weekend and my friend had all the clothes marked at four bucks, which is ridiculous for around here.

    And you are GORGEOUS! With all your talk of trolls, I was picturing a much, ummm, heartier woman!!

  5. Dear DD, you are indeed a babe. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

    Congratulations on getting that garage sale over with. That must have been like a protracted teeth-pulling session.

    So sorry about the new developments restricting your gene pool. That’s got to be hard.

    And Mr. DD sounds yummy.

  6. Wow, B came out of hiding. That’s fantastic.Nice Photo D, you’re a looker.

  7. I’m strange. CMV put me in the hospital for a week when I was 30 – I was worn down physically and had secondary issues, too. Never thought of it as a positive thing to have. Heck, you being exposed to the antibody isn’t the deal – it’s the virus and one develops antibodies during/afterwards. I’m just saying that the chances of a CMV transmission is so slim and 99.9% of the population doesn’t even know they had the virus. Okay, another anti-medical soap box.

    Congrats on clearing out the baby stuff, even at a significant loss. You have balls.

    We have the same upper lip. Mine’s nonexistant from the front, but prominant from the side. J has the same thing. I think it’s cute. That hair thing, tho…

  8. It’s good to hear that you’re at peace with the garage sale. I’m also very glad that you kept the dino jammies!

    You also looked a lot like I pictured, which is strange–normally I’m not good at guessing what people look like. Hot mama over in Nebraska!

  9. The hair? I had it up because it drives me nuts when I’m doing housework. Trust me, I don’t wear it like that out of the house.

    Kath, the reason I can’t find anything but the hazel eyes in common with Mr. DD in our donors, is because that’s the only thing on my wish list that he actually has. Sorry to mislead you, but he’s 5’10”, 220 lbs, salt-pepper hair and I would say his physique is more like Jack Black’s than Matthew’s.

  10. Your hair is so cute like that! You’re a little sex pot aren’t you? 🙂

    I’m glad Mr. DD has come around so far from where you started. I know that’s got to make you feel so much better.

  11. Oh….you are exactly like I pictured you. Ok, that is such a lie. I thought that you were brown haired and curly hair, a bit more wildish hair, reminding a bit of Elaine on Seinfeld. But then again, it doesn’t matter how you look at all, since it is the inner qualities I like about you blahblhablha, nice to know how you look though, then my imagination isn’t going wild everytime you comment or I think of you (oh god that came out so worng…). You are hot too, I’d go out for a “raging bull” drink at any time with you….yes yes came out wrong again!

    Oh and you mentioned sperm fragmentation on my blog. Yes pleeeease, send me more info about it! Thanks so much!


  12. Hey, just a thought, but maybe ask your doctor if you should consider getting immunized for CMV? I knew of a women who came into contact with it during pregnancy and it hurt the baby. She felt she just had a cold, but apparently it was CMV. He was born with a rash and it effected his brain. I don’t think the odds of transmission are very high at all, so not much to worry about, but always good to be safe if doctor thinks its important.
    I don’t know if it would widen your choices of donor selection or not.
    BTW, You’re pretty!

  13. Okay, how cute are you? Close to what I imagined but cuter.

    And until I saw your post about what your DH really looks like, I was totally ready to see if I could steal him away lol.

    Glad the garage sale is over and DH is seeming more okay with the donor sperm idea.

  14. You are so cute! Seriously, you’re a fox!

  15. I’m so glad you finally posted a picture! Yeah, like basically everyone else, you’re nothing at all like I pictured. I expected dark, curly hair, maybe cut short like a few other bloggers I read normally, but definitely not blonde!

    There are times when I’ve had to get rid of things that I didn’t feel like I could ever part with. But once it’s over you just feel so light — having all that physical baggage gone that brings the emotional and mental turmoils around everytime you see it.

    And hey, who doesn’t like buying all new stuff!?

  16. Dear Gnarly Troll
    Will the please gnarly troll please step up? I’ve seen redhead, I’ve seen blonde.. I know how hard it is to part with the baby items (remember that I stored ours in my husband’s car for a while?) things are good DD, good. I hated our bassinet too – it was some god awful blue checked monstrosity (not that it kept me from hanging onto it for five years).

  17. Oh MAN. I’m pissed at myself for not getting on the ball and checking your site earlier. I would have LOVED to purchase some of your baby clothes for the boys, especially knowing how much they mean to you. Let me know if you have anything left over 😉

    And yes…you are gorgeous. Sure you’re not a former supermodel? Sure? Really?

  18. Mr. DD is definetly winning the points lately!! Glad you kept the jammies.

  19. How cute are you!!!! I don’t have an upper lip either. Three years, though, until collagen injections. I can’t wait.

    Garage sales suck. Period. I started donating my son’s clothing to take the tax deduction when people didn’t want to give me $2.00 for a $25.00 outfit that was barely worn. Fuckem.

  20. So glad you kept the dino sleepers!! I wish I could have come to your garage sale, awesome prices!!

    Take care

  21. I knew it! You are adorable :o)

  22. From the sound (and looks) of things, you and Mr DD are one foxy couple.

  23. You look so familiar! Where did you go to high school? I think we may have known each other way back when.

  24. You’re hot! After hearing your voice, I will be one of the few that says you do look a bit like I envisioned.
    As for the lip, mine is pencil thin. I figure it’s from biting it all the time to keep from screaming obscenities at others.

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