Posted by: DD | September 7, 2006

no. 266 – Yahoo! Yourself, Buddy

Does anyone else out there think that Yahoo! has gotten a little too big for their britches? I’d like to know what MIT reject got the job of redesigning the site that includes a pop-up ad that just as you are placing the cursor in your log on box, it appears at the top of your screen shifting everything down at least one inch making your carefully placed mouse end up in no-wheres land.

Also, the animated ads? What the hell? It’s bad enough to watch the silhouetted woman in the trench coat carefully balance her way across a roof, but those "dancers" are really getting on my last nerve. What exactly do a one-armed-Alicia-Keyes-look-alike and a Solid Gold dancer have to do with refinancing a mortgage? I just want an email account that doesn’t take 5 minutes to load. You know, like GMail…

And while I’m doing some bitching whining about technical crap (and related to GMail), please, for the love of pete! if you are truncating your site, AND you have Blogger, it’s like putting up a barbed-wire fence around your posts! I want to read them, I really do, but when Blogger is being temperamental and you have truncated, I miss out.

And you know, it IS all about me!



  1. I empathize with you on this one DD. I use yahoo as my homepage and I keep it on the older style because of that silly pop-up that shows up seconds after the page loads.

    As for animated ads, they are EVERYWHERE now, not just Yahoo.

    I’m going to try to track down a story I remember from grade school (gifted program) that relates to this technological based society really well. I’ll let u know if I find it.

  2. I don’t mean to sound stupid but what do you mean by truncating your site?

    I agree with you on Yahoo though…

  3. With all that I am not comfortable with in Yahoo, it is far superior to Hotmail or Gmail. I like the way it can be organized. I hate the Hotmail requires you to click a box for a sent message to be saved. Stupid. As an intuitive person, I have yet to figure out how to get Gmail to be organized.

    Which leads me to truncated feeds. (Kellie, I’ll t.y.p.e. v.e.r.y just for you: feeds that only publish partial posts, a few lines, in places like Bloglines.) Might as well not publish them. It is rare that the first 10-30 words of a post will captivate me enough to click there. I am much more likely to read a whole post and click to comment, particularly if it is someone who comments at my place.

  4. I love that expression- for the love of Pete! I haven’t heard it in a while. Thanks for the chortle.

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