Posted by: DD | September 11, 2006

Nine Eleven

I was 7 months pregnant with X. Up until this day five years ago, I had deluded myself into believing that our world was a better place to raise child compared to 60-70 years ago. I had foolishly hoped that my children would never see war.

I don’t remember what brought me into the small, unoccupied waiting room close to my office, but the TV was on and I walked in to see smoke billowing from the first tower. Moments later, the 2nd plane hit.

I was in such denial that anyone could intentionally do something so inhumane, that I told myself that these had to be horrible accidents. I couldn’t let myself believe the worst.

By the time I got home that night and it was confirmed that these were indeed intentional acts, I threw myself into Mr. DD’s arms and wept. I mourned the loss of all those people, but more so, I mourned the loss of my child’s innocence.

Two years ago for Christmas, I found this book, America the Beautiful, a pop-up book illustrated by the artist Robert Sabuda. The last page is dedicated to the skyline of New York City, but because it was published in 2004 it did not include the Twin Towers. However, in a tribute to those buildings, there is a smaller book mounted inside that shows other important patriotic symbols including the Liberty Bell, a bald eagle, as well as the Towers. Because the only words with the book are the lyrics from America the Beautiful, we’ve created our own stories. X now knows that those are "the Twin Towers and that they were burned down by some bad people a long time ago and a lot of people were hurt and they aren’t here anymore".

It seems so simplistic and he really doesn’t understand yet the impact of his words, but each time we look at the book, I remember.

That’s the highest tribute we can give today…




  1. Yet, it seems that a lot of people are trying to put it behind us. I still feel goosebumps when I see the pictures and I can recall exactly where I heard and how I felt to this day. I’m sure I always will.

  2. It was a terrible terrible day. I vividly remember that day, and still at times tear up.

  3. We have a special book like that, based on a true story – the website is here: and it discusses the interesting stories.

    The children’s book based on it is FIREBOAT: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey. I recommend it highly, although I get choked up each time we read it.

  4. You are so right.

  5. Exactly. Nicely stated.

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