Posted by: DD | September 12, 2006

no. 272 – A Little Early Halloween

(I’m turning into Baggage, …which means I can kick your ass if you complain about two posts in one day…)

Another Thing I Know

That this  and 5100 lb vehicle are not compatible, especially when the first item decides to DROP. DOWN. FROM. THE. VISOR. ONTO. MY. STEERING. WHEEL! Right through my center of vision! While driving down the street!

Not just once.

But twice.

The first time I quickly grabbed a napkin and tried to squish the creepy-crawly on my steering wheel, which ended up causing me to honk my horn at the poor bastard in front of me at the stop light. Not only that, but I missed and I didn’t know where it had went from there. That was yesterday.

Today, the second time, he made another surprise appearance the very same way. Before he could land on the steering wheel, I neatly back-handed him out the window. I got him this time.

I hope.



  1. Okay, I would have gotten in an accident at least one of those times. Spiders! In the car! (Snakes on a plane!)

  2. Ugh. I commend you for not crashing the car after squealing like a girl and waving your arms about hysterically, which is what I would have done.

  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegads! Yick.
    Wonder how many eggs there are waiting to hatch…..

  4. Oh dear I feel for you! Thankfully the big black spider that did the same entrance to us but on the passenger side landed on my husband’s lap! Whew! I probably would’ve screamed.

  5. Julie! You horrible, horrible woman!


  6. That kind of thing grosses me out – especially when it is in your car and you don’t know where it is. I’ve made my husband go through our car in its entirety to ensure that there was no big hairy spider before until I would get back in. I’ll glad you got em!

  7. I’m gonna have nightmares thinking about that little bugger. How terrifying!

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