Posted by: DD | September 13, 2006

no. 272 – Hugh Do We Want?

We have yet to make a selection in the case of our DUI. The more I look, the more confused I am by the process. We started with a one page print-out of 19 possibilities of "stock" samples. We eliminated 7 easily since they were not CMV negative, which we must select since I have no antibodies from prior exposure to the virus.

The nurse at the clinic said many couples have a blood type preference. If so, I don’t understand why then only 5 of the 19 on my list have the blood type noted. Yeah, it must be really important… Mr. DD is focusing on ethnicity (Irish/German) and eye-color (hazel/green). There is only one on the stock list that meets that criteria. Sounds simple enough, right? Maybe it is, but anything that easy usually means I will be leery. 

I made the mistake of checking both the bank our clinic referred us to, as well as the bank that Katie suggested to me in an email. You know how you feel when the waiter brings over a ginormous tray of desserts and you somehow have to make a decision to pick one, even though you’ve never tasted any of them to know if they are any good but they all look scrumptious? Yeah. It’s like that.

Plus, the websites give you information that I never even imagined were possible to get. Certainly more than what was on my now pathetic looking piece of paper from the clinic. Sure there’s the basic stuff: height, weight, hair/eye color, race, and skin. But now throw in this information:

  • Pregnancy reported
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Interest/Activities
  • Childhood and/or adult photos
  • Staff impressions
  • Audio interviews
  • Kiersey Temperament

As important as I’m sure some of that information is for some, the one I have the most interest in is the Pregnancy Reported, which means exactly what you would think. That’s Nature. Education, occupation, interests and activities? Wouldn’t you consider those Nurture?

The Staff Impressions were a little ridiculous and after a reading a few, I realized they all seemed to sound the same. "#0#110 is very responsible person and has a great smile. He should make a wonderful addition to the program." I kept looking for the one that started off with "#3#212 enjoys pina coladas and getting caught in the rain…" However the closest I got was one staff’s impression that said something to the effect, "so-and-so is quite a cutey!"

Yes. Cutey.

Who cares about "cutey?" I’m just looking for the one that says he looks like this, and THEN we’ll be in business!Hughjackman




  1. Are you sure you want to pick a donor hottie? Might be easy on the eyes, but think 13 years ahead. Do you really want ALL the teenage girls in Nebraska on your doorstep?

  2. Yikes! What if I get a girl?! And I mean a baby-girl, not a girl-donor…

    Kinda putting the cart before the horse, I’m thinking.

  3. Can you hear the voices of the donors at that one site? That’s always interesting but might freak the dh out a bit. Cute doesn’t hurt at all…

  4. Can you hear the voices of the donors at that one site? That’s always interesting but might freak the dh out a bit. Cute doesn’t hurt at all…

  5. Can you hear the voices of the donors at that one site? That’s always interesting but might freak the dh out a bit. Cute doesn’t hurt at all…

  6. Can you hear the voices of the donors at that one site? That’s always interesting but might freak the dh out a bit. Cute doesn’t hurt at all…

  7. Can you hear the voices of the donors at that one site? That’s always interesting but might freak the dh out a bit. Cute doesn’t hurt at all…

  8. Can you hear the voices of the donors at that one site? That’s always interesting but might freak the dh out a bit. Cute doesn’t hurt at all…

  9. Yes, you can get audio recordings as well. I guess if one doesn’t want to have a baby who might sound like Elmer Fudd or Goofy, that’s probably pretty important.

  10. I had considered going this route when Geo and I looked like we weren’t getting back together. The way I did it was find the person that was close enough to Geo. Strange right, considering the situation. So I looked for people who were physically close to his description. I made a list of those. Then I went through and made a list of everyone who seemed like they I would like them. One guy who liked baseball. Etc. Reading what each guy wrote helped me. Then I looked if I had any matches on both lists. I imagine the whole thing is hard for you guys.

  11. Wow. I had no idea you’d have access to all that sort of information. Staff impression would mean nothing I would think – it’s not like the receptionist is going to say something like “that guy was really creepy” or “he took 20 minutes in the room!”.

    I give you a ton of credit DD, I can’t even decide what we’re going to have for dinner most nights.

  12. They should absolutely have a rating scale based on closest celebrity match. Then you could ask them to please weed out the Larry the cable guys and send all the Hugh Jackmans and Julian McMahons (sorry, gotta thing lately for the aussie hotties).

  13. Too bad Mr. Hugh is donating his sperm. Rrrroowwwrrrr!

  14. “We have yet to make a selection in the case of our DUI.”

    My first thought, not really noticing which blog I was on in bloglines, was: Who got drunk? And they’re going to jury?

    Sorry to be a dingbat so early in the morning.

    Too bad Hugh doesn’t have hazel eyes!

  15. Just catching up!

    I can’t imagine having to pick a donor… Hope it all works out for you!

    Take care and good luck

  16. Cutey would rate right up there in my book. You know, me being so shallow and all.

    Good luck with this. I can’t imagine trying to make a decision.

  17. I think you should make this more of a game than a choice. Stick all the choices on a board and then roll some dice and make your move. You could even come up with a catchy name like: DUI-opoly or Chancetastic.

  18. Too bad even Hugh Jackman wouldn’t make the cut for you. He has brown eyes.

  19. If you find one that looks like that- I’d definitley ask for his number, not his specimen LOL. I love me some Hugh.

  20. Oh my. I’ve always thought Mr. Jackman was easy on the eyes, but that photo? I think I just ovulated looking at it.

  21. Well, I think the activities and education stuff could indicate some tendencies I suppose. Like if he loved to play chess, that could mean he has an analytical mind etc. Or if he swam regularly that would indicate good health. That kind of thing. I read this whole book on the Genius Sperm Bank and eugenics awhile back. (Completely fascinating book, not for you at this time but just amazing the whole thing.) That bank opened up the whole information age for recipients. Prior to that all you got was the base stats, but they discovered people really wanted to know all that extra information. Maybe it lets the people feel a connection with their donor rather than have the guy just be donor #12345.

  22. Wow! This is where my hubbie would kind of freak out and I would fear that he is backing out. Does Mr DD. want to be involved or even select. I say that knowing perfectly well that I could not give up that responsibility or control. Anyway, when our friends were choosing their donor ( they are 2 women so they had to choose a donor to get pg) one of the profiles stated that the man got sad occasioanly but was able to feel better by stretching… Hmmm, stretching, really. Who would put that down???

  23. I am remembered and now I can comment without sulking. You were just desperate to have my words of wisdom on donor selection, eh?

    The whole donor thing totally freaked me out, I have to say. I took months going to and fro on health history, education, eye colour, etc. It all felt very Third Reich to me at first. Then I came to the conclusion that if I did not pick someone, then this donor cycle would never happen.

    It was just so weird, like shopping from a catalogue. I totally was focussing on issues that I would not personally pass muster on. I picked someone much more good-looking than me. With a better genetic family history than mine. She is even way taller.

    It came down to a shortlist and then it is pretty much instinct. Which one did I like best, deep down on a gut level? It takes time and a lot of discussion. I hope you and Mr DD can make a decision between you both.

  24. DD, glad for you guys that you can now work on the task at hand. But, oh my, that’s a tricky task.

  25. Wow, so many options. What a decision to make!
    (and Hugh…. yumm-meee)

  26. It is truly a surreal process, isn’t it? I know how challenging this can be. I was looking for the perfect donor. But it really just comes down to ‘perfect for you and Mr DD’. I found it helpful to just go over the profiles. And then I did find the perfect one for us. I did a bit of trading up but she is very similiar to me in many respects. Eye color and ethnic background were important to me because I’m very vain about my eyes. The donor that I felt the most connect to though was one who was donating for very similar reasons to my own. That was incredibly important to me (and one of the reasons we went to South Africa).

    I know you might hate me for saying this, but you’ll know. If there’s one you’re leaning towards or your guy says to pick, that’s the one for you. If it’s Hugh, all the better. Now if it were me, I’d want Colin Firth. But that’s just me.

    Good luck with your decision. Let me know if you ever wanna talk off line about this donor stuff. I’m happy to talk about what it’s like to be a donor or do a donor cycle. I only know about eggs but I’m sure it generalizes a bit.

  27. I wonder if that Dr. McDreamy actor guy donates. He looks nice to me!

    Seriously though, good luck. This can’t be easy.

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