Posted by: DD | September 21, 2006

no. 277 – Of Course I Couldn’t Stay Away…Who Was I Kidding?

I’m wrapping up what I think was a rather adreniline filled day:

  • I got flamed on another blog, which really is remarkable since normally steer myself away from all things political
  • I finally got to see what all the fuss was about on Grey’s Anatomy (remember? I missed the last episode?)
  • You know the saying "The Third Time is a Charm"? Well, Jennifer decided to take that idea to the Extreme x 3
  • Suzanne, who resisted the coy callings of the pee stick, received the kind of news that makes me insanely happy
  • Tomorrow morning I will be seen by my clinic for the first time in over four months for my baseline ultrasound and blood work

I’m now going to try to get some sleep so I can wake up early enough to shave away my five o’clock shadow.


And now I’m pissed: I just found out that Tuesday Girl just lost her pregnancy.



  1. so what was the flaming about?

  2. You got FLAMED? Really? Why?
    I’m sorry.
    You are probably up and on your way to the clinic…good luck!

  3. YOU got flamed? Let’s kick their ass…

  4. Yes, do dish on the flaming!

    I am hooked of Grey’s too. I LOVE that show.

  5. I missed the season opener of Grey’s and am VERY upset. Who’s idea was it to move it from 9:00? Don’t they know it’s impossible for me to watch TV until The Boy is in bed? Damn. Ditto on the flaming……why no link?

  6. I hope the bloodwork looks good! I’m addicted to Grey’s as well – and LOVE that Tivo finds it whenever it’s on.

  7. I am also addicted to Grey’s. I haven’t watched the premier yet but my DVR is saving it for me for tonight!

    As for the flaming…have I mentioned that my husband is a Martial Arts instructor? He’s taught me lots of stuff. Shall we put it to good use??

  8. Who flamed you? Where? Curiousity is killing this kitty.

  9. Somebody flamed you?!? But you’re so nice! Really. You’re a nice blogger. Stupid flamer.

  10. Flamed?? YOU??!!
    Did your co-worker start her own blog??

  11. There’s something ironic about being flamed while singing Apolitical Blues. Come clean. We don’t take well to our bearded one being flamed.

  12. PS – it is so nice to be remembered around here by TypePad.

  13. You totally do not have a female ‘stache. If you were to attack me and steal my Peeps and I had to give a description to the cops “mustache” would definitely NOT be included in that description.

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