Posted by: DD | October 1, 2006

no. 284 – Commercialism

At what point should I think my son watches too much TV?

"Save big money. Save big money when you shop Menards!" sung very loudly while strolling through the home improvement store.

"How ’bout we just get Subway?" I say to Mr. DD as we are driving through one of the small towns on the way to our clinic. "Subway. Eat Fressshhhh!" we hear cheerily from the back seat.

"Honey, look at your shirt! You’ve got koolaid spilled all over it!" He replies, nonplussed, "Oxyclean will get the stain out, or you can use Kaboom." We have neither of these items in our household.

"Ba-da-Dat-DAT-daaaaaa, I’m lovin’ it!" which comes and go at completely random moments, but usually when we see the big, yellow arches.

I guess I should be happy he doesn’t know the Oscar Mayer wiener song.

Crap! Now I’ve started humming it…oh, I wish I was an oscar mayer wien-er, then everyone would be in love with me…



  1. LMAO – now I’m singing it!

  2. The only one that comes to mind from The Boy is, “I’m Dr. John Marshall” from the weight loss commercial. I have no idea why…..

  3. damn jingles.

  4. For a very long time, my very leate reader, who could care less about books, would identify logos as we drove. The redeeming part is that it is considered a form or early reading, but it is strange to hear from the back seat, “Hey mom, that’s the kind of water you drink.”

    I still hear the commercials; it does not go away. Now, though, it is often for toys or CDs. X is right on about the McD’s tune; I hear that one a lot, too.

  5. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing DD – my son could read by the time he was 18 months old. He would see logos on the TV and match them to store names and newspaper ads. By age 2 we could write down the names of stores and he would know what they were based upon the letters.

  6. Mag identifies the stores with the color of their carts.

    Acme is the green store, Target is the red store, Home Depot is orange etc etc…

    She doesn’t sing jingles, she does the theme songs from Noggin shows. Friggin Little bear….ggrrrrrr and Raffi. Joe was humming a tune the other night. I knew that I knew the song and when I asked him what he was humming, he didn’t know. “just some tune stuck in my head”…. I finally figured it out… “Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home, I dare not go…..”

  7. I used to change the words to “then everyone would take a bite of me” and try to be all flirty. I was 16 or so. I was SO lame.

    Little boy sings song lyrics too. And now I am.

    “Going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, there’s so much to find…Little Einsteins…”


  8. My bologna has a first name
    It’s o-s-c-a-r . . .

  9. That is so funny! Emma just started singing the theme song from Little Einsteins and Danny and I were wondering if we let her watch that too much. We haven’t even gotten to commercials yet.

    As with most other things, there are two ways to look at it: 1) He watches too much TV or 2) He’s learning to be a good citizen in this capitalist society – at least from the advertiser’s point of view. 🙂

    Too darn cute!

  10. It could be worse- he could be mumbling a-hole to people who cut you off in traffic like mine is. Oh man I’m in for it.

  11. “hey, hey, JO’s Jo’s circu-us!”

    I got myself one of those too. I rationalize too much tv with the fact that we live where it’s cold.

  12. I’m lovin’ it! 😀

    One of my favorite movies ever: Forget Paris. Have you watched it? Her dad in the car with him driving by all these shops reciting all the commercial lines. Very very funny. By the way: Forget Paris is probably one of THE IF movies out there. I’m lovin’ it.


  13. It definitely could be worse. At least he’s only reciting commercials.

    TV can go either way, it can be harmful or helpful. With the plethora of GOOD children’s programs out there now it is very easy to lock in to only those channels and let your kid watch away!

    My 5 yr old son isn’t great at reading, but is terrific with numbers. He can count to 100 and add/subtract. As far as reading i’m afraid he’s limited to: New Game, Load, Save, Play Game (can you tell he plays video games?)

  14. I must add that we got him that Vtech Interactive Video Game system which is helping him with his letters.

  15. They don’t call them “catchy” tunes for nothin’.

    I can still sing a few from my childhood . . . J-E-L-L-O!

    (Oh, except I can’t actually sing.)

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