Posted by: DD | October 5, 2006

no. 286 – Perk #877 To Having a Preschooler Living With You

Can you guess what it is? Let’s just say, now when I buy a bag of it, it’s mainly for me to enjoy all of it’s cheesy goodness since X usually forgets that I have bought them. And they beat the hell out of Doritos.




  1. Pirate Booty?

  2. Oh yeah – it’s gotta be Cheetos. LOVE them, and so does The Boy.

  3. Yummy cheetos. Come to mama.

  4. I know exactly what it is – it’s breakfast!! (at least, it was in my house today)

  5. As one whos finger tips are permanently stained orange, I’m going with Cheetos as well.

  6. Is that…could it be….cheetos or, alternatively, cheese doodles, but cheetos are much greesier. Ahhh…cheeeeeeetos.

  7. Well, most likely cheetos, but…could be cheese popcorn too.

    And no, NOT better than doritos, sorry 😛

  8. I really hope this isn’t a picture after you just got done picking your nose…

  9. *drool* Love love love cheetos!

  10. cheetos are my favs!

  11. Cheetos? Cheese puffs? Cheese, cheese, cheese! Yummy!

  12. Great now I have to go buy some cheetos… you are totally ruining my diet. Okay so I am totally ruining my diet – but it was so much easier to blame someone else 😀

  13. MMMMM, cheez-puffs…..

  14. I hate cheetos. And Oreos.

    I think I’m the only person in the universe who feels that way.

    I’m such a freak.

  15. Damn it, now I have to go buy some Cheetos. Oh, the orangey goodness that is Cheetos!

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