Posted by: DD | October 8, 2006

no. 288 – Forgiven

Thank you all for your very kind words on my last post. Mr. DD and I both apologized to our son for yelling at him. It amazes me that someone so young could have such a capacity for forgiveness. Saying "I’m sorry" can sometimes make so many things better, not only for the forgiver, but for the forgiven. It’s too bad when we get older, we think those two words come with ulterior motives as we becomes more jaded.

I should also mention that when it was time to get up, it wasn’t the tears and the terrible things he remembered. Instead he recalled in that excited-preschooler-who-talks-so-fast-that-he-doesn’t-have-time-to-take-a-breath-and-uses-andandand-as-punctuation how he got to take big boy medicine, drink of Coke during night time, that that he got to use the heating pad, and how he and Mommy got to sleep in the bed together. Definitely no grudge there. Not this time, anyway.


I’m eight days post-ovulation. Does it fly in the face of my Hopelessness if I imagine the cramping is implantation? What if I told you the cramping is instantly alleviated when I pass gas? Must be the progesterone. I so hate that shit.



  1. I am amazed at how they bounce back and don’t hold grudges. At least you two are sensible enough to not take advantage of that generosity.

    I figure it goes both ways. When my son is in a spell and he says he hates me, I figure it is all evened out.

    I hope the sleep troubles pass. Usually they’re not their fault. In fact, J bemoaned the fact the other night that his left side hurt. I happened to be on the phone with Norma who declared it gas, so J got Advil, Pepto, and dragged on our walk, because exercise helps the bowels. At a certain age, all they need to know is that you care, even if you can’t fix it.

  2. It makes it a little easier when your child so obviously doesn’t remember things in the same light you do. I hope you and Mr. DD will stop beating yourselves up over it.

    Do you have a beta scheduled for this coming week?

  3. I’m to take a pregnancy test on Saturday. No beta (blood test) unless it’s positive.

  4. Saying “I’m sorry” and meaning it makes everyone feel better. I think your initial reaction is totally understandable, and you totally made up for it once you realized that there really was something wrong and he wasn’t just pretending. I hope you feel better about it too!

  5. We’re lucky that they forgive us so quickly…but they’re also lucky we forgive them just as fast.

    It’s the perfect circle!

    PS. That last post? I’ve so been there. You’re human. Don’t hate yourself.

  6. OH_MAH_GAWD. You are going to wait until Saturday to POAS? Let me know how that turns out.

    I laugh at you. But in a a really, really nice way.

  7. Kids are awesome. We could learn so much from them.

  8. Ahh, gas. I can’t tell you how many things I have mistaken gas for! Why am I writing a whole comment about gas?? Sorry.

  9. Progesterone is the devil’s minion. I have four more days of it myself.
    Still sending good thoughts your way.

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