Posted by: DD | October 9, 2006

no. 289 – BlogSpot PSA and Bloggity Love

For those of you who have Blogger, if you haven’t switched over to Blogger Beta yet, for the love of all that is holy – DON’T DO IT!

I swear there are like a bazillion pop-ups when you want to post a comment:

"Are you sure you want to see the unsecured items?"

"Are you really, really sure?"

"Are you positive, ’cause only fools are positive?"

"Are you sure your comment is really as insightful/funny as you want it to be?"

"Are you sure you put your underwear on correctly this morning (yes, I did!)?"

And if you are lucky enough to get past all the pop-ups for security, make sure you have copied your comment first, because the likelihood getting an error is 50/50, which means you have to start all over.


I was over at Rachel’s and we have decided to go trick-r-treating together. Don’t you just love the idea for our costumes?


Little LL was born Friday to MM. I certainly hope the birth-story wasn’t as hair-raising as her pregnancy-story. Make sure to congratulate her and her family. *smooches* MM!



  1. How exactly does an infertile dress? Let me know and maybe I’ll do it too.

    As for blogging PITA-crap, I’m with you. This password protection business is tough- is there an RSS feed, is there not, can anyone get in, hello, is anyone out there? Ugh, big pain it the rear.

  2. How timely was this post! I am in the process of setting up my blog as I go into round 2 of IVF on Monday – YIKES! On a side note, i am in a 2ww unintentionally since I miraculously ovulated (and dr. bowtie confirmed it with a prog test) on the pill this month so I have been waiting in agony with you – ARGHHHHH! Sorry I have not been commenting, but I do appreciate your site.

    Anyway, can you or anyone out there offer a techno challenged girl a bit of blog advise? I will be forever indebted.

  3. I saw the button for it this weekend, hesitated, but opted out. I’d heard others complain, but not quite as thoroughly as you. Gosh, there’s no reason to scare of commenters. I already hate the little spelling quiz to verify.

    So, I won’t do it with the consideration that I, Cricket, will save DD a little bit of aggrivation in this world.

  4. I haven’t stopped by in a while and just wanted to say, “hello!” I’m lurking and hope your current fertility and life adventures will prove successful.

  5. I have switched (and regretted every minute of it) but (amazingly) that is one of the problems I have NOT encountered. Great. Now I’ve probably jinxed myself LOL.

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