Posted by: DD | October 18, 2006

no. 297 – The Week in Round

X: Does Grandma come Monday?

DD: Yes, she’ll pick you up from school on Monday.

X: Does Grandma come every Monday?

DD: No, just every other Monday.

X: Why did she come Monday?

DD: You mean yesterday?

X: Yes.

DD: Because your caregiver was on vacation.

X: Will I go to Caregiver’s tomorrow after school?

DD: Yes, tomorrow is Wednesday.

X: No, the other tomorrow.

DD: Do you mean Monday?

X: No, the other tomorrow. The Stay Home tomorrow.

DD: You mean Saturday?

X: Yes.

DD: No. You stay home on Saturdays and Sundays.

X: Do we go to church on Sundays?

DD: Yes.

X: Then Grandma comes?

DD: Yes.

X: Will Grandma come every Monday?

DD: No, every other Monday.

X: She came last Monday…

DD: That’s because that was Grandma’s Monday. This Monday your caregiver was on vacation. Next Monday is Grandma’s day again.

X: Will Grandma pick me up from school?

DD: Yes.

X: Tomorrow?

DD: No. Tomorrow is Wednesday.

X: Is Thursday after Wednesday?

DD: Yes.

X: Is Friday after Thursday?

DD: Yes.

X: Is it Stay Home day after Friday.

DD: Yes, that’s Saturday.

X: Then Grandma comes?

DD: No. Saturday is Stay Home day and the day after is Sunday and Sunday is Church Day. Grandma comes on Monday.

X: And then I go to Caregivers?

DD: You mean after Grandma leaves?

X: Yes.

DD: No. Grandma leaves when I get home. Then we stay home until Tuesday morning and then you go to school and then to Caregivers.

X: When Grandma comes, I don’t go to Caregivers. And when I go to Caregivers, Grandma doesn’t come. Right?

DD:Yes (by-fuckingjove, I think he’s got it!).

X: So when does Grandma come?




  1. The picture says it all, my dear.

    I’m holding my breath and crossing my fingers until Saturday. That’s after Friday, right?

  2. So Saturday is one of those Stay Home days, right? Is Grandma coming?

    Aren’t kids just so precious…

  3. I’m very impressed that he gets the order of the days, though. That is a tough one!

  4. too funny!

  5. That’s very funny. I’ve had so many similar conversations here as well. Love the picture.

    How are you holding up? Can he just keep asking you logic puzzle questions all day every day until your next Beta? That will keep your mind sufficiently distracted.

  6. Good Lord – you better tell Grandma never to come on an unsceduled day – she’ll mess the whole thing up!

    At least it wasn’t a “why?” conundrum…I hate those.

  7. Wait DD – you’ll still be having those same conversations when X is 17. I promise. Maybe not about what day it is or when Grandma comes… they progress, just not much.

  8. Ahhh… you give me great things to look forward to!!

  9. At least he’s keeping your mind otherwise occupied :o)

  10. Very funny indeed. Oh how boring life would be without children!

    My anecdote of the day (note we live in northern Illinois where snow is common)

    Last week we had unseasonably cold weather (ha..isn’t it always unseasonably something here?) and actually got snow one morning. Big fluffy flakes too. But they didn’t stick. It was simply a pretty sight nothing more. But it was cute when my kindergartener sees the snow through the window and immediately says with great enthusiasm “Oh boy no school!” His sisters and I got quite a giggle from this.

  11. I am just catching up…. I can’t believe I missed your IUI! (so sorry… but I hope everything keeps going well!)

    Still laughing at your conversation with X!! 🙂

  12. Too funny–Don’t ever veer from the schedule or his head will explode!! Thanks for the chuckle today.

  13. Ha. I’m glad you put in the picture so I didn’t have to (because your post did that to me, too).

  14. Hilarious. Wonder how he’ll handle leap years and daylight savings time? Still confoozles me.

  15. He likes to be informed. LMAO

  16. But if it were Tuesday and we were in Germany, you would have to make my bed (Name the movie)

    But, WHY?????


  17. Stripes! 🙂

  18. 😀

    He’s got it….I think?

  19. LOL! Been there, I totally sympathize 🙂
    Perhaps a calendar just for X with events written in and each night cross off that day since it’s now over would help with the “when does this happen?” questions.

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