Posted by: DD | November 8, 2006

no. 313 – A Break From The Macabre

200611_before_haircutBefore: Hairy Houd1ni








200611_after_haircutAfter: Butch Ca&sidy



  1. VERY handsome!

  2. Oh he’s such a cutie!!!!!

  3. Such a handsome boy….
    Love the sledding bear jammies

  4. Very sweet. I always had such a hard time with haircuts – kids always look older after they get their hair cut… it’s so sad.

  5. That’s such a nice style for a boy. (This from the Mullet Family!)

    Doesn’t it amaze you how fast their hair grows?

  6. He looks so grown up!

    When we get a good haircut around here, I am so relieved. Looks like you got a good one.

  7. Very cute!

    Do you do his hair yourself?

  8. Very cute. My neighbor has two little boys – 2 and 3 and she buzzed their hair for summer. Unfortunately the oldest is very pale and he looked like a cancer patient. The neighbors even started asking.

    BTW – I am NOT mentioning the above because I think X looks that way – he has a good short cut.

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