Posted by: DD | November 8, 2006

no. 314 – Premature Blogulation

I am bored and dieing for a diversion. To help alleviate the situation, I’m constantly refreshing bloglines…well, actually they now are constantly refreshing themselves but not fast enough in my opinion.

So who could blame me when I see that they are x number of new items that I get so excited I nearly pass out…oh, never mind. The passing out is more than likely due to the 80 DEGREE TEMPERATURE both in and outside my office. Outside. As in Outdoor. At this point I should really be bitching about how cold it is outside, not how I’m 3 degrees away from stripping off my sweater!

I digress.

Now I have been known on occasion to press the publish button a little prematurely on a post, which sets me up for a "few" punctuation or spelling errors. Most of the time, I let them go. Sorry if they confuse or irritate you. I know you still love me (or at least make me feel no so much like the gunk on the bottom of one’s shoe).

So why then, do some of these bloggers (there’s actually only one that I read on a regular basis through bloglines) feel it is necessary to not only republish a post not just once, not twice, but sometimes four or five times because they go in a tweak a word here or there?

Premature Ejaculation has nothing on this person. Stop it. Slow down. Think about baseball. Read and reread. Put it into draft. Come back to it a half hour later. Then you can publish your post. And actually, I’m not enjoying the post very much the first time around. I don’t know why I subject myself to it again. It’s like Groundhog Day, blogging style.

This blogger doesn’t read here so if for some reason this sparks some paranoia in you, just brush it aside. It’s not YOU.



  1. Ehhh…who has time for all of that proofreading? I confess to proofreading and spell checking my posts once, but that’s as far as it goes.

    I must apologise for being a complete and utter ass. I read your Wolf post on the day you put it up, but I forgot to comment. In coming here today I realised what I had done. My memory is shit, what can I say? Anyway, big congratulations on the heartbeat. I look forward to reading future (hopefully positive) updates.

  2. I’m guilty of this (today, even!) but you said it was no-one who read here… so I’ll set aside my paranoia!

    Hope you are still feeling OK…

  3. I’m totally guilty of this… I know it. I proofread over and over and over, yet I often miss things – until I hit publish. For some unknown reason hitting publish refreshes my brain and enables me to see things previously missed. Once I see them, the errors drive me crazy until I fix them. It becomes a compulsion. Just smack me!

    You could set your bloglines to only show items as new when they are new and not updated. The only problem with that is that if someone posts an update (not just a correction) you may miss it.

  4. I usually tweak once, but generally, when I push the publish button, I leave my asshole grammatical and spelling errors up. It drives me batshit insane, most of the time. However, when I do republish, MT shouldn’t ping again and update a feed. Shouldn’t being the key word.

    P.S. I’m such an asshole. I have the WORST ADD and I’ve been meaning to come back and see what was going on. I’m glad that things are going well with Wolf.

    (this is the part where I really need to update my feeds properly)

  5. I do this sometimes. Didn’t realize it showed up on blogline…but I can’t leave the errors alone if I see them. Must fix and not be mocked. Hehe…of course we all think it is us! But since I read regularly, I’ll put my paranoia aside 🙂

  6. Of course I’m paranoid. It’s what I do.

    Although, honestly, since I hardly ever fix typos, I’m not sure why.

    .. tho it does often take more than one “publish” to get my posts to go through. I always worry that bloglines will republish me endlessly and annoy one of my few subscribers. ‘Cause I’m just that secure with myself…. lol.

  7. Ahahahahahahah. I was so like – “she has to be talking about me.” I do that ALL the time. But usually, it’s because I’ve made some glaringly BAD typo. You know, sometimes those just ruin a whole post!

  8. Hee hee, that WAS me for my last post — I was starting to laugh out loud at myself. Correct booboo here… add bit there… correct formatting… put in links where there were none… it was madness, MADNESS I tell you…

    Good luck for today, my dear. I’m thinking of you.

  9. That’s funny, everyone thinks it’s them, including me! I do it pretty often, I had no idea anyone would know I was such spelling, blogging, formatting retard!

    But I too will set aside my paranoia.

    Good Luck today.

  10. It’s me! I’m totally guilty of this. Oh, the humanity.

  11. Was I ever relieved to see that last line! Whew. I don’t do it often, but am guilty of it once in awhile!

  12. Ooooo, you caught me!

    Well, maybe not ME, but someone like me.
    I can’t help it. It’s like how can I be expected to NOT eat the leftover Halloween candy?!

  13. Thanks for the last line. Hehe. I hit publish before I reread my posts, so I’m always tweaking.

  14. TOTALLY guilty of this – didn’t know it showed up on bloglines!

  15. Must be me then! Looks like we all do it!!!

  16. Why this never occurred to me! I tweak four or five times. Cutting a word here or there, tightening up a sentence…I never thought about bloglines. I will be more careful in the future.

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