Posted by: DD | November 27, 2006

no. 325 – Pandering

Time for some shameless and humbling pandering, dear friends. I need your help.

What kind of sewing machine should I get if I just want to do some basic stitches? Take into consideration I’m not a "beginner" but I haven’t used a sewing machine in over a decade.

Does anyone remember the line from a film in the 90’s that went something to the effect, "your record has been expunged, wiped out"? My husband and I always refer to the line when we are making fun of how some people use repetition in a sentence, but after all this time we can’t remember what movie. We are guessing Eraser. Is there a good website for looking up movie quotes?

I have one sterile prefilled syringe of Ganirelix (Lupron) that expires October 2007. Who wants it? First person to call dibs gets a freebie.

Does anyone out there want to participate in an exchange of Holiday cards with me? Yes, I mean real, postage-required, hand-addressed, holiday cards. I’d promise a holiday letter as well, but I haven’t figured out how to do one without bringing the mood down with a thud when I share our latest miscarriage news, so it’s just going to be cards and maybe a family picture.

Now for the really selfish pandering: does anyone have some follistim or repronex that expires sometime in the next couple of months that they want to get rid of? I can’t promise that it will go to a good use. I can’t even promise that it’d be used. But if I could show that I can get enough without a huge expenditure, then maybe I would have more leverage with Mr. DD.

And no, I still haven’t received any information either by email or post from the adoption agency. It’s been 7 week-days (13 calendar). Their website only said "7-10 days". I don’t know what to think.



  1. I’d like to participate in the card exchange.

    And I hope X is feeling better. I had the same virus as an adult and was knocked on my ass for two weeks, lost over 30 pounds because I couldn’t eat. Sucks indeed.

  2. I’d like to do a card exchange with you.

  3. I have a simple sewing machine that i use for general stuff. If its your first time using one I’d get a basic model that can sew zips too, always useful. I’m afraid I have no drugs left over, so cant help there and as for swapping cards, I’m a little too far away to contribute, not much help, sorry 🙂

  4. I bought a Janome 319 a few months back (when my “good” sewing machine died), and I love it. It has a basic range of stitches but feels really good and sturdy. Also relatively inexpensive.

  5. I’m supposed to receive monthly updates from the adoption agency so as the month ends that is ALL I think about. I waver about whether or not I should send an email asking about our profile, I think about how I don’t want to be a nudge, and so on. I hope you year from them soon.

    Good luck on your sewing machine quest.

  6. Count me in on the Christmas Card exchange. I might have a letter this year, but it’s getting down to the wire…

    What if your Christmas letter focused solely on X? What has he been up to this year? What can he do now that he couldn’t do last year?

    I will ask my husband about that quote. He’s really good at that kind of thing. He was a film and pop culture major at Virginia Tech.

    I do not have any medication that would be useful to you, but I have a funny story related to the female reproductive system that I can’t decide if I want to post on my blog or not…

    I have had female issues ever since I went on antibiotics for strep throat last month. I took two OTC yeast infection treatments – one with Nuvaring and one without. No lasting success. I called my OB/GYN and got two doses of diflucan. More success but an ultimate failure. I went in for a test yesterday. It turns out that my yeast infection turned into a bacterial infection. Some luck, eh? Anyway, I picked up my script on the way home last night and nearly killed myself and my children by driving off the road as I read the label to the antibotic cream.

    “Insert one dispenserful per vagina…”

    Per vagina! I’ve got more than one? Why hasn’t anyone told me before? Couldn’t the doctor have just told me to my face? 😉

    Love ya!


  7. I would be in for the card exchange. Sorry I don’t have any “drugs” to share, we have not gotten that far in the process and now with a house we really won’t be able to afford it. Good luck in finding some. If I hear of anyone with leftovers I will send them your way.

  8. I bought a simple $100 sewing machine at Walm@rt when we were first married and had no money, and it was the best investment. It’s got all the features I need (which are admittedly few, as I don’t know how to do fancy things with it) and I’ve made pillows, a soft baby backpack carrier, pants and a “cookie bag” for P’s Halloween costume (Cookie Monster), hemmed pants, etc. It’s so worth it. If you’re not looking for anything fancy, I’d go simple and inexpensive. No idea what brand I have, though!

    I would love to do a real card exchange–you’ve got my e-mail, so we can switch addresses. I’m a mail whore.

    No drugs, sorry. I wish I had some.

    Hope X is feeling better today!

  9. I will do a holiday card exchange. If you are lucky there may be a picture of my gorgeous kids with it.

    I don’t have any good drugs for you, except maybe a nice painkiller or two???

  10. I forgot about the sewing machine question, if all you are doing is simple straight stitching and don’t need the fancy stitches, check out the sales at Wal*mart, I saw one the other night that was only $50.00 and even had some of the fancy stuff on it. If I didn’t already have 3 machines in various stages of repair I would have grabbed it for myself. I would be willing to part with one of mine if I knew a place around here that I could get it fixed for you and then send it. Apparently no one in Boringtown sews or needs to repair their machines. Sing*er or Broth*er are good brands, I have one of each and they are over 10 years old. They would be in working order if I hadn’t decided to try and clean them and give them a tune up myself. 😉

  11. I bought a Brother sewing machine a few years ago. Paid about 80 bucks for it at Wal*Mart. It’s pretty basic, with several stitches, a button-holer (that always sounds dirty to me) and a removable thingy for doing sleeves and such.

    I will absolutely do a card exchange with you & anybody else out there in Blog-land who would want to. The kids just had “picture-day” at daycare yesterday & from what I’m told, they were both happy, smiling, charming children (wonder what the bribe was???) during the photo shoot.

  12. We, too, got a simple Brother machine from C0stc0 for around $150 and it is so simple. My mom is an awesome seamstress and has owned a Brother for years with no problems. I would love to exchange cards with you – probably complete with sappy letter and at least a picture of The Boy.

  13. I’m totally no help on the sewing machine or the meds….. but movie quotes?? Have you tried It’s a great site with thousands of movies, quotes, goofs, actors bios, etc. If I can’t remember something about a movie, that’s where I go.

    Holiday cards?? What a fabulous idea!! It would be lovely to get some actual snail mail that involved personal greetings and not a bill or a credit card application!!!!

  14. Is the movie “Judge Dread” with Sylvester Stallone & Weseley Snipes?

    Yes, put me on your card exchange list please! I’ll be sending out pics of my girls in their angelic holiday dresses, but I assure you– they are far from angels.

  15. I’m guessing the movie may be “The Net”

  16. Wow! I can actually help you!

    For sewing machines – I bought one at Sears and it is awesome. I will e-mail you the brand and info. It was not too expensive and it sounds like we are similar in sewing abilities. Oh, did I mention that it was one of my “life sucks and you didn’t get pg this month” gifts?

    Yes to the holiday card exchange. I will include you on my list also.

    Regarding meds… I have lots (at least 20 -75 ampules that you need to mix yourself) of gonal-f that is going to expire the end of March and it sounds like I will not be using it. I was planning on posting on my blog if anyone wants it, but I would be glad to send it to you! I have a dr. appointment at 2 today and I will be leaving shortly (and a stupid baby shower I am hosting tonight) so don’t be alarmed if you e-mail me and I don’t respond right away.

    Oh, I too did NOT YET get my adoption info and I think we sent away for it at the same time. ARGH….. I think I am going to call tomorrow.

  17. I bought the Huskystar E20 for around $120. My super sewing mother-in-law approved of it and used it to make lots of curtains for my house when she was visiting a couple weeks ago. It is really easy to use since it is meant for beginners, but it offers more features than a super cheap plain sewing machine.

    P.S. Please, please, please look into adopting from your county.

  18. You know I love me some international airmail 😉

  19. Oh I wish I could sew. So, so much. Snort.

    Check out for quotes– type in the name of the movie and they usually have a list of memorable lines… there should be a link somewhere on the left.

  20. Oh and I have a cycle’s worth of both follistim and repronex and they’re yours for the taking. Only hitch is that they expire in Jan. Lemme know if you want them.

  21. Count me in for the card exchange. Beautiful idea.

  22. I have a Brother. My mom (who is a fabulous seamstress – sewed my 2 prom dresses) bought it for me and uses it when she visits. I use it mostly for scrapbooking and I like it. I am in mid IVF cycle right now (#4-ugh!). If things work out my extra meds (repronex and follistim) are yours. I won’t know until Christmas though! Hope X is feeling better!

  23. I usually just type movie quotes or song lyrics into Google and let it do its magic. Usually I can scroll through the first 2-3 pages and find what I’m looking for.

    I’ll do a holiday exchange. This is my first year out of college so my wheels are already turning about what to do since almost everyone close to me lives far away. And by far away I mean I’m in the dirty south and all of them are in the lovely cold north!

  24. Oh yeah — I was reading a few submissions up and I was wondering. Is the expiration date for repronex and follistim a hard date? I worked in a pharmacy and learned that most expirations are 3-4 months before they actually give out. Just a thought.

  25. Sending good adoption vibes…I’m sure they are just busy. It’s only been a little longer than they said on the site, right?

  26. I feel like such a loser I’m utterly useless on all your requests.

  27. How did I miss this? I definitely want to participate. Also, can I steal this idea and do it on my blog? Very cool.

  28. Oh man, I am NOT reading through all these comments to see if anyone already said what I am going to say (and they probably would say it better as well).
    Where was I? Oh yeah, I have a Bernina – now it’s more expensive but sometimes it’s worth going for better depending on what you’re going to use it for. I am not a big sewer but I do a ton of hemming and that’s why I have the Bernina – you can slide off most of the portion around the foot and you end up with a very thin sewing arm that you can insert inside a small pant leg (such as a boy’s size 4/5). It makes sewing hems sooooo easy. It’s also stood up very well (its about 8 or 9 years old and I’ve never had it overhauled).
    Anyway, that’s my ode to my Bernina.
    DinoD (still too sick to be Skanky Ho)

  29. I’m a Brother girl myself – I have 4 of them ranging from their most basic serger to their most expensive sewing/embroidery machine. I LOVE Brother’s manuals and they stick by their warrenties. You can buy a basic model with several stitches for under $100.

    I would love to take part in the card exchange – it’s a fabulous idea.

  30. Wish I could offer suggestions on the sewing machine, but I’ve always used what I’ve had handed down to me in one capacity or another.

    I would definitely like to participate in the card exchange. And, if you’re going to be in town, please let me know…perhaps we can have lunch or get coffee or something!

    Thinking about you… *hugs*

  31. I’d love to do the card exchange! Fun! Fun!

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