Posted by: DD | November 29, 2006

no. 326 – Doing Lots of Nothing

I have got a serious case of cabin fever. I’ve now been home for a whole week (minus the half day on Monday, which was used just to sort through all the work stuff from the Holiday), and I tip my hat to those of you who are SAHMs.

Yesterday morning was hell. After over an hour and a half of X literally kicking and screaming because I was giving him the opportunity to take his nasty-ass medicine on his own accord, I finally had to resort to sitting on his legs, holding his hands down with one of mine and administering the medicine via a dropper.

I’m really excited about the exchange of cards with so many of you! Ms Prufrock has a more ambitious endeavor. Go see what she’s up to, and do it soon since we’re talking International, there’s a deadline.

And I would encourage any of you who want to do your own individual card exchange to please feel free to use my idea. I’m surprised there isn’t more of this going on. It’s one thing to receive a comment or even a direct email from your blogging peers, but since this requires the sharing of some personal information, it’s a statement of trust and friendship. And really, you won’t have to worry about me stalking you. Remember, I live hundreds of miles from any of you (well, except you who only live a little over 100 miles from me. You know who you are…), and I haven’t stalked them …not that they know of…



  1. Hmm, nice idea on the card thing but i am simply too crap to write real cards, so I’ll leave this one to others I think. Now if we could get through customs, then a cookie exchange I would do!

  2. I would love to be a SAHM this time of the year, with so much holiday stuff to be done. But, that would be without a sick kid.

  3. Oooh, stalk me, stalk me!!

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