Posted by: DD | December 4, 2006

no. 330 – December 3, 2001

I wanted to do something special to celebrate my son turning five years old that I was able to share with you. For the past couple of weeks I would toodle around on this website loading and editing pictures with the hopes of publishing it Sunday a.m. in time for his Birthday. But because of a brain aneurysm, I was unable to…

Yep, a brain aneurysm, brought on by the planning of a birthday party. I sent out 9 birthday invitations to 10 boys. I figured I would get six or seven to accept the invitation and I blissfully went about my business preparing cupcakes, balloons and treat-bags. Guess what? 10 accepted and I realized I am stupid for using the wedding-invitation-rule-of-thumb for a bunch of 4-6 year olds. I don’t think any of them have reached that chapter in etiquette.

So Sunday afternoon, at exactly 2:00 p.m., there were 9 minivans in my driveway dropping off their little guys. There were then 10 winter coats, all with hats and gloves stuffed inside sleeves in my spare bed-room; and 11 little boys (now counting my son) running ape-shit in our house.

Next year, I don’t care if it’s -20 degrees F. outside, I’m sending all their sugared-high, spider-man covered asses outside.

Actually it was a lot of fun. There were only three confirmed melt-downs in the two hours I played hostess, and they were all from one boy…my very own.

Here is my tribute to that little guy, who we never imagined would ever be the very old and wise age of 5 after we met him in person for the first time.



  1. That slide show brought tears to my eyes. How precious. Enjoy him.

  2. How dare you make me cry on a Monday morning! Very sweet!

    Happy 5th birthday!!!

  3. Happy birthday, X.

    Just lovely, DD. It was nice to see pictures of you and Mr.DD, too. I will forever be envious of the pregnant belly shots.

    Glad you survived the party. The first year everyone showed up that was invited by The Boy, I thought I would die. Somehow we survive.

  4. Beautiful photos and the kid obviously is not lacking for personality!

    Seeing stuff like this makes me so excited to have one of my own. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. That was beautiful.

  6. That was great and I feel special to share it. My favorite was the bathtub shot – so much attitude.

  7. Dear DD, hats off to you for that party — I think I have an idea of what you went through, and I am awash in admiration. I would gladly have hovered in the kitchen with you afterwards, downing margaritas.

    Happy Birthday, X!

    As for the slide show, it was so cute — I just think I need to return to it when I’m feeling a little, er, better.

  8. Well, now you’re just making us cry on purpose, I cry foul.

    It’s a lovely video, I hope you didn’t weep too much in the making of it. I’m glad you survived the party.

  9. Those eyes, that smile. What a beautiful boy!

    I keep thinking I should get used to it, but kiddo birthday parties always make my head spin.

  10. Happy Birthday X!!
    DD, give him 5 big, squishy hugs from me and a kiss to grow on.

    I think I lucked out on having babies in the summer. Pool parties & BBQ’s. Paper plates & only wet towels to clean up.

  11. How beautiful! 12-3 is a wonderful day. It’s the day my only brother was born 31 years ago.

    I didn’t know that X was a tiny one, too. Ally was 41 weeks, but only weighed 5lbs 8oz. They told Danny (as I was shivering like I was having a seizure in recovery) that had she weighed one ounce less that she would have been considered low birth weight. I wish I could remember exactly how small she was. I should have had her cast in plaster or something. 🙂 Based on pictures alone, people have absolutely no idea.

  12. That was amazing. Just amazing. It made me think of my own babies and how quickly they’ll become little guys.

  13. Wow! I had to shut my office door so folks would not wonder why I was tearing up. That is a beautiful video. It is amazing how much they change in 5 years. I love the shot of the hands!

    Wish X a Happy, Happy B-Day!

  14. Happy Birthday X. Great tribute DD!

  15. Happy 5th Birthday!

    XX is as old as my son who turned 5 April 2006.

    They are both cuties!

    Too bad they couldn’t meet.

  16. God damn you, DD — I’ve already cried once today, I didn’t need to do it again!

    So precious.

  17. I LOVED the tribute! Happy Birthday X! I hope you have a magical day!

  18. I looked back to his 4th birthday and for some reason I hadn’t commented. Did I not know you back then?
    Happy fifth birthday little man.

  19. Beautiful, just beautiful. And kudos for surviving the party!

  20. Beautiful, precious, charming… hats off to you and Mr. DD. Very touching slideshow. Happy Birthday, X!

  21. What a wonderful slide show…he is very obviously adorable and very much loved. I am jealous that digital cameras and blogging wasn’t available when I wanted to show the world our miracle boy. Happy birthday X-I hope someday you realize how much you are loved.

  22. That was a wonderful slide show; thanks for sharing!

  23. Happy happy happy birthday X!

  24. Happy, happy 5th birthday, X!
    The slideshow was super cute, DD, and I hope you’ve recovered from the birthday party (which sounds it was a blast for the little guests)!

  25. Excellent slide show! He is such a cute little boy. Happy Birthday X!!

  26. That was sooo lovely to watch. Happy Birthday X

  27. Good to know that kids birthdays aren’t like weddings!

    What an amazing tribute to X. It made me teary too 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  28. Happy Birthday X – and what a fabulous tribute to the little man. I hope you had a wonderful day with your boy!

  29. What a fabulous slideshow. Thanks so much for sharing it. I hope you all had a great day.

  30. oh jeez. I came to this late, and now you got me blubbin’ gorgeous, Gorgeous boy, DD..

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