Posted by: DD | December 7, 2006

no. 333 – PSA (Not The Prostate Kind, Either)

You may have noticed my site looks a little…barren (I’ve tried to tell it to relax, but I just get these dirty looks…), but I was notified that some of you have had problems getting into the comments so I removed any outside links, which seem to add "static" to the site. I haven’t deleted any of your links because of some personal issue, so please don’t fret.

I will bring back one at a time, my side-bar links to see which one is the offending culprit, so for those of you who did note the problem I’m now holding you personally responsible to make sure it is working appropriately. No pressure.

This process may take a while as I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. By work, by the Holidays and of course personally. It seems as if overnight, several irons have been arranged by the fire and I’m not sure which one to put in first. All I do know is that it will probably be solely my responsibility to make sure the fire stays stoked.

Conversation last night at supper:

X: I have a anker sore in my mouth.

DD: You mean a canker sore? (residual ghost pains from the HFMD, I’m sure)

X: Yeah, a anker sore.

Mr. DD: Huh, that’s funny. I have a wanker sore.



  1. Lately The Boy has been having canker sores in his mouth, and I don’t know what to make of it. What causes them? And what do you do about it? We’ve been using Orajel, which helps with the pain, but not the healing.

  2. Men…

  3. Hmm.
    Mr DD been hittin’ the brothels lately???

  4. Wanker sore….snort. Funny. Hey, I’m probably really late in the game, but I’d love to trade holiday cards with you if you’re game. Good luck getting all those irons out of the fire!

  5. Yeah, my son gets those too… the canker and the wanker sort.

  6. That’s a funny conversation!! A conversation like that would definetly take place with my dh too! Your slide show was so CUTE!! You must have had a blast making it!!

  7. Yeah, Mr. DD should probably get that checked out.

    Brothels? In Nebraska? Who knew.

  8. Hmm- what irons are those? Details, details…

  9. That’s freakin’ hilarious! Thank you for sharing because I so needed that laugh!

  10. Mr. DD needs to see a doctor I think.


  11. Also curious about your irons. Do tell. Your Mr. DD sounds like a funny guy.

  12. Freakin Awesome! Tell Mr. DD they make meds for that.

    I appreciate his humor.

    Please spill about the irons.

  13. One thing to keep an eye on… After I had it, I did have recurrences for a few years, much more minor but still painful with mouth cankers. I still get them about twice a year and it’s been almost 12 years since I had it. It’s a freaking tenacious virus.

    I hope X is doing better.

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