Posted by: DD | December 10, 2006

no. 335 – PSA. Yes, Another One

Sooo… remember where I mentioned because of my sidebar, some of you were having problems getting into comments?

Well, apparently it’s TypePad and for some reason some IP addresses are being blocked as spam. When I opened a help ticket , they thought it was possibly because I had blocked either some words or IP addresses. Yes, I do have three IP addresses blocked including the psycho-troll from N. Jersey that had wreaked havoc on Tertia’s site. But that doesn’t explain why for those of you who commented not long ago now can’t.

The "Help" desk wants me to get the IP addresses of those who can’t comment (which I thought was rather presumptuous of them that you would all want to find out what your IP address is and THEN email it to me). Seems like a lot of work when the only reward is finally getting to comment here . . .

If you are one of those being spammed out and you are NOT selling penis enlargers, stock in q-tips, or pleading with me to contact your deceased father’s bank in some foreign country because the government is has frozen all of his assets, feel free to send me an email with your IP address so I can prove to TP that it’s them and not me.


P.S. I should mention that Mr. DD doesn’t have a "wanker sore" but that he has a "sore wanker", but didn’t think that had the same flow considering my son’s observation.

‘Nuff said.



  1. Come to the dark side! Come to wordpress!!!

  2. Heh… well while both certainly suck, I’d say that having a sore wanker sounds a lot funner than having a wanker sore. Though they could both be achieved in the same way…

  3. I am attempting once more — if it doesn’t work, I’ll send you my IP address.

  4. It worked! Maybe I was blocked because in my last comment I mentioned a sum of money — I said that apartments (smallish ones) go for $300,000 here. Let’s try it again and see if that’s it.

  5. No it isn’t. How odd. And now I’ll stop hogging your comments.

  6. I was just trying to make a few extra bucks selling penis enlargers… I swear I need the money for Christmas. Damn, I’m going to have to resort to phone sex now.

  7. Not going to touch the wanker with a 10 ft pole! Geez a girl tries to find funding for fertility treatments and you go and block her IP 🙂 Just kidding. Works fine for me – never had a problem though. Apparently they’re not “on” to my side business *evil grin*

  8. WordPress is awesome! It took me a few weeks to get used to it, but I just love it now.

    I often get blocked because of the hyphen in wired-hub – it took a computer genius many hours to figure it out.

    I still hate computers.

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