Posted by: DD | December 13, 2006

no. 337 – There’s Been A Great Disturbance in the Force

Not only has TypePad been a little unruly lately, Blogger still haunts my attempts to blog.

If you have the beta Blogger and you noticed lil ole me hanging out, more than likely I have tried to comment but Blogger will not recognize me with my old Knocked Up account info; nor with my newer TKO account info so I haven’t been able to offer what little wit or comfort I may possess. Plus, it won’t let me even if I try anonymously or as "Other". I have no idea what the problem is so if someone out there can confirm that it’s not me, it’s Blogger, I would feel so much better about myself.

And on a very serious note, I have to say I am very sorry to see that Karen from Naked Ovary has succumbed to the jackals of the internet and closed up her blog. Whether you agreed with her views or not, no one should have to take that kind of virtual abuse. It makes me sad that she’s gone, but it really makes me even more sad knowing that there are people out there, and lots of them, who feel good about themselves because of it.



  1. Peopel suck. End. of. story.

  2. That’s terrible. I check in on her blog about twice a week so I completely missed the drama. That is really sad.

  3. Sad,indeed, about Naked Ovary. Damn.

    If people have beta I have to post anonymous. What a pain.

  4. I didn’t get to read her blog. Too bad she had to wrap it up.

    As for blogger vs comments. I had that problem before I switched to beta. If something wouldn’t go through, I’d just email the comment. Maybe try that?

  5. I haven’t had a chance to read in the last week or so, and completely missed whatever happened. I’m so sad that she’s gone. I really enjoyed her blog.

    I hate Blogger. Just hate it.

  6. Mean people suck.

    Mailing your card tomorrow!!!!!

  7. I’m having the same problem with beta…I’m not on it and they won’t let me commment. I’ve tried doing it anonymously (which I hate) but sometimes it goes through, and I just add my name to the comment.
    Sad about Naked Ovary, I’ve checked in there a few times but not recently, so I missed the drama.
    Mean people suck. Period.

  8. They make fun of people who suffer horrendous losses – Jesus isn’t even off limits for those sociopaths.

  9. Me too – blogger won’t let me comment on anyone’s blog who has switched to beta. It’s been like this for 2 days!!

  10. Damn, I missed it all. What’s going on?

  11. I switched to beta and I checked the setting options. I can’t see anything different than before. I was hoping that the option for allowing those outside of blogger to post was wrong. It wasn’t. Feel free to email any comments to me directly. I’ll post them for you.

    My Christmas cards will finally be finished and will be ready to be mailed on Saturday. I really took on too much making them this year. Oh well… I still love them. If you send me your address I’ll be happy to send one your way. If you prefer, I’ll send you mine first. No biggie.

  12. I hate trying to comment on Blogger, such a pita. As for Naked Ovary, I was and still am quite sad. I’d been reading her for so long, before she started adopting. I wish she didn’t feel the need to close up shop.

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