Posted by: DD | December 18, 2006

no. 341 – This Is Not What I Wanted To Post About Today


I’ll give you minutiae.

I had some cramping this morning, but didn’t think much of it besides it being a possible side affect to the mocha I drank on an empty stomach. Went to the bathroom and quickly deduced it is CD1.

JimcarreyAll-lll-lll righty then.

On the bright side, Christmas won’t be the blood-fest I had been dreading…unless you count the brutal slaying of the first nutwad to tell us to "just relax" or "At least you have X!"



  1. Ah, we have CD1 together. As if…

    I just saw where someone famous announced their pregnancy and due date of August. It was after a confirming ultrasound, because a heart beat does it for the rest of the world. Oh yeah, it was driver Jeff Gordon and his new wife who had just learned she was pregnant at the wedding a few weeks ago. I guess rushing things tends to work for his lifestyle.

    Naw, I’m not bitter.

  2. Is there anything that says “Holiday Spirit” like a good slaying? I dare say not.

  3. Hey, at least you can drink. I mean that is something right? right?

  4. Oh, yes. I will be drinking. In spades. And aces. And clubs.

    And if my husband knows what’s good for him, in diamonds!

  5. I love that drinking keeps coming up as a theme. After all, is it a coincidence that we talk about the holiday “spirit”??? I think not.

  6. Dear DD, I’m glad your period isn’t being coy. I hope diamonds figure prominently in your Christmas this year, and that you don’t need to put the “slay” in the one-horse open sleigh…

    That joke sucked. I’m sorry.

    I miss you.

  7. Oh yes–lots and lots of drinking. That way, after the slaying you can plead dimished capacity, and hopefully get a reduced sentence…

  8. This post seemed to be luring me with talk of the holiday drink. I think a strong Tom & Jerry is the true holiday miracle.

    Sorry about your CD1. I just sent that skank away and I was hoping she was heading over to my fertile neighbor rather than you.

  9. I quit taking my naltrexone because I knew that the drinking would be happening heavily this holiday. I’ll go back on it on Jan. 2nd.

    The pain is difficult. Drinking isn’t necessarily the healthiest way to deal… but it’s a way.

    I hope you find some joy in the season. Easier said than done, I know.

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