Posted by: DD | December 21, 2006

no. 343 – I’m Glad He Doesn’t Have a Credit Card

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of maudlin.

Good. Me, too.

Thanks everyone for not thinking I’m a major asshole (and I don’t mean "asshole" in the nice way Tertia uses it). I just had to get that last post off my chest.

Yesterday I was able to avoid an ice storm on my way to the clinic and a snow storm on the way back. I have been cleared for our next IUI and began 300u of follistim daily. I have to say I am very lucky that for almost all of my scans I get my doctor and not a PA or nurse. Yesterday was no exception, plus there was an added bonus of an intern who was debriefed on our treatments so far. When Dr. Blinksalot concluded, I added that I was her most successful failure.

Yes, I really did and we all laughed.

We had to get a new laptop. Ours ended up being more useful as a giant coaster for the plethora of cups that somehow migrate into the house from the local convenience stores. The final selection of our computer was made by none other than X.

You see, he loves to play on, but everytime he tried to play some of the more complicated games, the computer would take a crap. We would have to remove the battery, reset it, sacrifice some chocalate and dance naked in moonlight to get it back up again. So this weekend when we were checking out the selections of new laptops, we had the store rep bring up the site and turned the computer over to X.

Do you know how funny it is to watch a 5 year old, standing up in a cart (I was holding the cart – relax!)(and they really should consider being a little more user friendly to not only children but to little people as well as most laptops were sitting on a shelf five feet and higher off the floor), using a cordless mouse for the first time as if he was born holding one, skillfully clicking through the site to find the game that he was no longer allowed to play at home (because, dammit, I hate wasting chocolate for a computer, and FUCK, it’s cold outside!), and started playing? Now picture in the background no less than five store clerks watching him and commenting to you that they never knew had so many cool games to play. I swear I saw them playing rock/paper/scissors to determine who was going to get to play first when we leave.

The first night we had it home, and after X finished playing, I tried to use it and somehow he goobered up the keyboard and I couldn’t type anything. Had to shut it completely down and remove the battery. OK. Fine. But last night he again played and again somehow jacked the keyboard so that when caps lock was on, it was all lower case and when capslock was off everything was in upper case. AAArrrggggh. Shut it off, pulled the battery, pressed the reset button and all’s well again. I have no idea what he is doing and if I have to sit there and watch him play the game I will have to insert a kabob skewer into my frontal lobe.

I leave you with an X-ism:

"Mommy, how do you make money?" he asks while drawing on some paper.

"Well, I have to go to work and get a paycheck and put in the bank."

"Noooooo, that’s not right. This is how you make money. See*?"

* This is an approximate rendition as the original had been obliterated by subsequent doodling and coloring…and of course was not done on the computer…



  1. Such incisive, literal thinking. The functioning of a child’s brain can be so eye-opening!

  2. Have him make some for me, too, would ya?

  3. DAMN!! I’ve been working all this time???!
    Ya’ think the mortgage company will accept it???

  4. Five is the perfect age to get a job. At least that is what I keep telling my kids.

  5. I am all set to show my son the wonderful web site I bought him with money I made for Christmas.

    X helps me be a better parent. Thanks.

  6. Now I’m going to have to check out

    And pay for my groceries with X money. Score!

  7. He’s so darn cute! I can totally picture him at the computer.

    I really hope this next cycle is the one DD. I’m praying for you!!

  8. Hope things get better for you.

  9. Hope the new year brings a successful cycle for you. I will cross everything for a good outcome!

    Love the money story!!

    Take care

  10. Aww — cute!

    I wish you all the luck you’ve got coming (and there’s a lot of it in a warehouse somewhere, there must be) for this cycle, my dear. XOXO

  11. I am a HERO!

    My son loves this website now… and I’ve commandered the ‘puter back for one I love.

  12. Hope the cycle renders wonderful, wonderful results!

  13. Hi, delurking to say that I’ve had that problem before with a few other kid sites. And the problem, ouch…don’t hate my comment here…many of these sites contain spyware, or at least the corporate datamining version. And antispyware programs and antivirus may or may not remove them. I only let my kids play games now from behind 2 firewalls, with ad-blocking on etc. Some don’t work, and now I’m the evil mother!
    Some sites are worse than others, like Miniclip which has been permanently banned in my house and our school.
    So, I hope your cycle works out, and your computer works too. 🙂

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