Posted by: DD | December 22, 2006

no. 344 – Happy Holidays (Yes, I’m One of “Them”)

Funny story about this family picture (scroll to bottom if you don’t care): it wasn’t supposed to be a family picture. My son didn’t want to see Santa. He is one shy child and even the possibility of not getting any presents wasn’t enough to lure him into Santa’s lair (aka The Mall). It was only because I promised I would be there with him that he agreed to go.

We stood in line for-EVER and when you put several little children who have attention spans barely longer than Pamela Anderson’s and Britney Spears’ marriages – combined, and stick them in a line together with nothing to do, things can get ugly.

As luck would have it, my husband decided to do some shopping as well and joined us just as it was X’s turn to see Santa. X was very content up to that point, whispering a list of items to me he wanted for Christmas as we waited, which oddly included one of those blow-up yard ornaments (because I think he thinks he can play in it…), but when he realized he had to go inside the fenced-in Santa corral (nothing comforts a child more then feeling like they are being herded), he dug in his heels and I was left literally dragging him up to where Santa was sitting.

He initially refused to sit with him unless I stayed, which I did, kneeling to the side so he could see me but where I hoped I would be out of the picture. But then the photographer invited Mr. DD to join us and ta-da! the 2006 DD family picture. So, please excuse the fact that neither Mr. DD nor myself were prepared in our appearances to have our picture taken. Oh well. I thought X looked sufficiently unimpressed and Santa looked like…Santa.2006_mock_family_pix

(Ooops. Our "real" picture has been replaced for privacy. Congrats to those who were able to view…plus this is a much more flattering picture of me, even though Mr. DD is looking a little gaunt.)



  1. Oh my gosh, what a great picture! You look lovely and have a beautiful family. Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a great picture! You look lovely and have a beautiful family. Happy Holidays!

  3. Oh my gosh, what a great picture! You look lovely and have a beautiful family. Happy Holidays!

  4. Oh my gosh, what a great picture! You look lovely and have a beautiful family. Happy Holidays!

  5. Oh my gosh, what a great picture! You look lovely and have a beautiful family. Happy Holidays!

  6. I think it is a super picture. You are wearing red – can’t tell you didn’t know. I love it!

  7. LOL I agree, X looks completely unimpressed! I think it’s a nice picture, it doesn’t look unprepared at all.

  8. What a lovely picture! I wish Alex was still little enough to take to see Santa now that we actually live in a place that Santa comes to visit BEFORE Christmas. 😉

    What did you ask Santa to bring you for Christmas?

  9. All of you look great!

  10. You KNOW I am going to come and read it if you tell me not too!

    This sounds like the typical mall Santa experience that I know I will HATE, but for some reason am envious that I can not have. Get me? I don’t entirely get myself most of the time so no pressure. You did a very good job of explaining why I would and do hate it though. At the same time I look at the pictures of my brother, sister and I sitting on Santa’s lap and I don’t remember even thinking it was funny that Santa came to OUR pancake breakfast that was ironically in the basement of the church since that was one of the few “halls” in town. I wish I could bring back that childhood bliss.

    I know some of the folks standing in that line are infetile like me but I just group them all together because I assume they are in the “normal” category and I am constantly in “other”. It makes my feeling alone on an infertile island cry to my husband at Macy’s more convincing so I can at least use my infertility for something beneficial: pity presents.

    Your photo is awesome though – I think X had this planned and he is sitting on Santa’s lap just grinning – smart boy you got there.

  11. Cute!

  12. Hey Pretty girl!! What a great looking family!

  13. What the heck kind of mall do you have there anyway? That is one awesome setting! Love the Santa.

    Great picture!

  14. What a wonderful picture! You have a beautiful family.

  15. The last time The-Boy went to see Santa, the only thing he told him he wanted was for ME to get off his ass. Santa replied that that wouldn’t happen for about 10 – 15 more years. Thankfully he had a sense of humor.

    I think it’s a great picture.

  16. I love the photos. I don’t think it looks unprepared at all – just real. And I think that’s great.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Thank you for all of your support this year- I really appreciate it.

  17. I think it is a great picture of you all. X is showing a great smile there. The picture looks very natural.

    Merry Christmas to you guys!

  18. Great looking family! Those smiles are wonderful – I just love X’s grin. 🙂

    Santa looks so amazing… but was he playing fisty-cuffs with drunken elves on the weekend?? Are those healing knuckles, or just left over chocolate smears from a previous kidlet?

    Merry Christmas!

  19. Tell the truth now, DD. You went to a wax museum and sat on a Santa, didn’t you. There is something very fake about him…

    You guys look awesome!

  20. Absolutely lovely! You guys look great, but I’m with Jessie – there’s something “too perfect” about Santa. ;+)~

  21. Dear Gnarly Troll
    WHAT???? No disguising “moustache” on Mr. DD? Did you clear it with the man?
    All I can say is that you have a better class of Santa where you come from (he puts our mangy beasts to shame).
    Our son has never gotten up the nerve to go anywhere close to Santa although two years ago one took pity on him and actually walked off his throne and across the display to hand over a candycane (we had been watching there for about a half an hour so I guess the old guy took pity on us).
    Oh, and have a good Christmas.


  22. I love this picture! The whole family looks great (prepared or not)!

  23. Great picture- I love it!

  24. I think you all look wonderful!
    I never really thought about the whole “being herded” thing. Funny.
    We got a really nice Santa pic this year too, I guess I’ll have to post it later.

  25. What a good looking family! X is totally cute 🙂

  26. Nico just walked by the computer and shouted, “hey! There’s my friend, Max! He’s knows Santa Claus, too?”

  27. Holy crap, girl! This is the first time I’ve seen a pic of you! So now if I ever hear another PEEP outta you about some troll nonsense, I’m sending you an ass-whoopin’ email, mkay???
    You guys look great. So shut up now. In a nice way, of course. 😉

  28. Aw how cute! My mother refuses to have her picture taken with Santa — but it does make a nice Christmas gift to her when her 4 kids have their picture made with Santa at the mall for 10 bucks.

  29. Great pic! Too bad it was too late for your holiday card. You guys look great.

    Happy Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

  30. AHA! I must have had the magical computer that actually got to see the “real” family….you are much more normal looking than the imposters that are shown above 🙂

  31. Hey! I missed it. Send me a copy, please.

  32. But…but…but…you were so much hotter before!!!!

  33. It’s always very sad when a supermodel procreates with a popular, however gangly/ugly, rock star. The children always suffer.

  34. Doooh. Another thing I missed by being away.

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