Posted by: DD | December 27, 2006

no. 347 – Shit Or Get Off The Pot

I’ll let you pick what happens next here at TKO:

  1. Password Protection (because of Leggy’s brilliance, there is a way to pick up new posts on Bloglines)
  2. Change the URL (and email you each the new address but worry about the googleability)
  3. Move to WordPress (which allows individual post-privacy and learn yet another blog format even though I haven’t really figured out the first two)

Until I’ve made up my mind, I probably won’t be posting about what is going on with my uterus or the organs within the immediate vicinity. Yes, I know my blog is for me and I really shouldn’t give a shit what anyone thinks, yadda, yadda, yadda, but I can’t stand the fact that I’m painfully aware of people who want to know what’s going on with us by reading my blog instead of just asking me, especially when they have the opportunity to do so nearly every day. If I’m really that unapproachable then I can’t understand the interest.

The senseless (more senseless than ever) drivel will continue until a solution has come up or I come home with a healthy new baby. I would prefer the latter but the odds of that happening anytime soon is rather slim. Plus I’m sure you don’t want to read another year or more of afore mentioned drivel, now do you?



  1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but if I wanted someone’s personal information and went about looking for it instead of simply asking, my intensions are less than pure. I say do whatever you need to in order to feel comfortable. January is a time of new beginnings. Why not a new blog? 🙂

  2. Well, whatever you do, please let me know where to look or how to read your blog.
    Drivel isn’t too bad, but I prefer to read real life.

  3. I would vote for 2 or 3, because I don’t use bloglines. 😉 But, hey, your uterus, your blog, your call. (I’m unhelpful about that answer, aren’t I? Sorry.)

  4. Whatever you chose, I will be right there.
    Wow that sounds like a cheesy song title.

  5. I don’t love WP, so I’m not recommending it. Seems #1 is the easiest and gives you the most comfort. But you do whatever, we’ll still be here (or there, or wherever you decide to go).

  6. I agree with Thalia but I really want someone to sing me Tuesday’s song.

    And I kinda dig your drivel.

  7. I just started reading you and I do enjoy your drivel. Please let me know how to keep reading you.

  8. I’m trying to make a similar choice for somewhat different reasons. I’m going for #1 myself (I’m 90% sure).

    My reasons: Too lasy to learn a new blog, feel “safer” with a password, and it looks like anyone who wants to can follow.

    But whatever you decide, let us knwo where to follow!

  9. I think they know this is a sensitive issue and are too afraid to ask but they can find out how you are doing by reading. They care but don’t know how to ask or to show it maybe? I hope that is the case.

    Whatever you choose, as long as I can still read, I’m good.

  10. Yeah, try and make sure you don’t just disappear. I’m all for number 1 with the Bloglines option since if things don’t pop up on Bloglines, I forget to read them.

    With all the password protection going on in blogland I should set something up on my computer to remind my delinquent ass to read them.

    I’m rambling, but the gist is, just don’t disappear. There.

  11. I will follow you… Follow you wherever you may go… There isn’t an ocean too de–

    Well you get the idea. 🙂

    You could always go a more primitive route and use your LJ account. You can lock posts to outsiders and you can include only specific people with others, the only trick is they all have to have an LJ acount. There is some way around this with a paid account (I think) but I’m not positive.

  12. As long as I can be in the loop, do whatever you need to do 🙂
    I just hope my work allows Word Press if you go that way….

  13. Whatever works…just let me know where to find you, ok?

  14. I’d go with password protection. Changing formats is a pain and they trolls will find the new URL eventually.

  15. Please let me know what you decide. If you want new readers, then don’t PW protect. I like the idea of individually PW protecting posts that WP gives you..I’m thinking of doing that myself.

    I use WP on my new blog and it took me about a day to figure it out, still run into some trouble but it does give you a lot of options and neat tricks and stuff (none of which I have mastered)

    If people are reading to be nosy, they’ll track you down with a new URL somehow.

    Or else you could just say screw them. And talk about whatever you want.

    I’m done with the assvice.

    I’ll go where you go.

  16. I personally love WP! I think it’s really easy to navigate, SO simple to PW protect, and extremely easy to change the look of your blog on, too.

    Whichever you decide, I’d love it if you kept me in the loop! Real life isn’t drivel to me, m’dear… 🙂

  17. try WordPress and let me know because I want to do the same thing.

  18. Wherever you go, just let me know. I’m fine w/password or a new location.

  19. #1

  20. And the same here, DD. Let me know. 🙂

  21. Just had to jump on the bandwagon of “whatever is best for you.” I don’t know a damn thing about how to set these things up, so I can’t say I’d think moving is easier. As long as I get to tag along for the ride, I don’t care….. just leave me a forwarding address 🙂

  22. Just let me know where to find you.
    I kinda like your drivel.
    At least it’s humorous drivel, so unlike mine.

  23. Count me in as not caring which route you choose as long as I can still read. And I don’t consider any of it “drivel,” I just like reading 🙂

  24. I HATE sneaky people – it looks like I may have a known lurker myself. To approach or not to approach is now the question?

    Sorry you have to “change” things.

  25. Just let me know where you’ll be!

  26. Please let me know which you choose and I’ll follow! I just started on WordPress and I like it quite a bit, but don’t really know how the passwords work – in fact, I didn’t even know I could! These crazy internets never cease to amaze me.

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