Posted by: DD | December 28, 2006

no. 348 – Blood is Never Thicker Than The Skull

Conversation between Mr. DD and his sister earlier in the evening as relayed by Mr. DD:

Mr. DD: I’m just dropping off this stuff and we’ve got to get going. We haven’t been home yet. ("We" being Mr. DD and X)

SIL: It’s 7:30. What have you been doing?

Mr. DD: We went out for supper.

SIL: Where’s DD?

Mr. DD: She’s working late.

SIL: Why?

Mr. DD Who Is Unable to Lie to Save His Ass: She has to go to The Metro in the morning to see her doctor.

SIL: Why? Is she pregnant? I thought you were done trying.

Mr. DD WIULSHA or to Just Shut the Fuck Up: No. She’s been taking injections for the past week and she has to go back to see how things are looking. (Now suddenly he can lie…just a little.)

Fast forward to late in the evening and I can’t sleep:

Mr. DD, aka WIULSHAJSFU: What’s the matter?

DD: I’m just pissed off about what your sister said.


DD: Wanting to know if I was pregnant? What the fuck. I just lost the baby last month.

Mr. WIULSHAJSFU: What do you mean? It was in October.

DD: No, Asshole. I had the D&C November 14th, two years and two days from the first D&C.

Mr. WIULSHAJSFU: It seems like it’s was longer than that.

DD: I guess if you can’t even remember when I lost the baby, why should I expect your sister to?



  1. Your support system is enviable. heh

    I often take Mr. DD’s side for the sake of things, but he makes it really hard sometimes.

  2. GRRR!!!!! How many times can we just write it off as “MEN!!”

    Mine just got a new 2007 calendar and he was filling in “important” dates….
    He has my birthday as June 21. For the past 17 years, he has missed my bday by one day. I just make sure that I leave the gifts from my Mom, sister, co-workers and girl that I worked with 7 YEARS AGO(who still remembers my bday every year)on the dining room table so he can know that he screwed it up again!

  3. It is interesting how detached men can be from pregnancy – if they want to. Danny only felt Allison kick once. He always sat too far away from me otherwise. I kind of anticipated more touchy feely of the belly, but he apparently wasn’t interested. On the other hand, there are men who fall on the opposite side of that spectrum. I don’t know which is better. Why not a happy medium? Please let us know how things go with the doctor.

  4. Just good luck at the doctors appointment. That is all I have for you today.

  5. Good luck at your appt.
    As for Mr. DD, well, he’s a guy and really that’s enough right there. J can be just as clueless sometimes.

  6. May I add, who is she to question if you are done trying with such a judgemental tone?

    It is really too bad we need men for this process at all. Did working late NEED to be supported by the fact you had a Dr. appointment? Could you not just be working late? How is Mr. DD’s ability to lie to you? I am guessing that may be the only pro. Hmmm. I take that back, sometimes a lie is better than their honestly….

  7. Yes, my husband also seems to feel like he needs to answer any and all questions from family with excrutiating honesty. Its aggrevating, when sometimes I just want to keep stuff to ourselves.
    My husband is also equally oblivious re: miscarriage dates, etc. I said something the other day about this being my fourth pregnancy and he said “well that’s an interesting way to put it.” What, as if they other 2 pregnancies were non-existent because they didn’t result in real-live baby? Argh!

  8. Men! Humph!

  9. Men.
    And men’s sisters.
    Good luck with the appointment.
    And fabulous blog post title.

  10. Just… ARGH! So sorry. I’d be angrified too.

    Mr. DD, my hubby and Leggy’s might have been separated at birth – they really need to, at the very least, create a diversion rather than spilling it all. (ie. “Why is DD at the doctor? Look up! Is that SUPERMAN?!?)

    At least most of the time they’re not insensitive?

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