Posted by: DD | December 28, 2006

no. 349 – Is There “Creepy” In A Good Way?

What would you estimate the Creep Factor to be in the following scenario:

You walk into an infertility clinic and there’s  a hetero couple sitting facing the door. The woman doesn’t look up from her magazine, firmly entrenched in the fantasy "If no one sees me then my infertility doesn’t become real". The man however, not only initially glances up, but continues to check you out while you sign in, give a cursory look to the eight-month old magazine selection, and then find your own seat opposite the room from said Man.

When you give your answer, keep in mind that he is very good looking.

I have a new blog created specifically for password protected posts. If you didn’t already receive an email regarding it, please feel free to leave a comment or email me for more info.



  1. Ohh..that beats my “do I talk to my professor at the OB/GYN or pretend not to see him” any day….high on the creep factor!!

  2. ps…would love the password, but since I’m mostly a lurker, I understand if you say no.

  3. I would also love to be included in your password protected blog but am also mostly a lurker and will understand if I don’t make the cut.

  4. Any lurker is welcome. It’s perfectly OK to not be a regular commenter, or not to have commented before.

  5. Oh yes, oh yes, there is creepy in a good way. Sounds like you just experienced it! It’s kinda like how we (ok, I) totally went for the bad bad boys when we were young? Those guys grew up to be the hot creepy guys today. Nothing like a little ego boost before you take your pants off, huh?

  6. Hmmm….good looking huh? Well, at the very least it had to of given you a little perk, yes?

    I’d love the password if you’ll have me.

  7. That is a bit creepy, but it would make me feel like I looked good that day!! Or wait, then the paranoid side of me would kick in. Who is he? Does he know me from somewhere? How does he recognize me? OMG, now who is he going to tell that he saw me here?!?
    -I’d love the password.

  8. Password, please…

    Sounds like he was not creepy but full of himself (I’m so good looking everyone will be pleased if I check them out)

  9. Hmmm . . . I’d feel sorry for the wife and glad that I am worth “checking out”!

    Maybe the wife isn’t playing “let’s pretend we’re not infertile by staring into this magazine” Maybe she’s playing . . . “If I ignore him maybe I can pretend my husband isn’t creepy!”

  10. Ummm, just a tad on the creepy side–the location makes it creepy. Otherwise, it’s just flattering!

  11. Creepy, yes. Sounds like the quintesential “have a baby to save the marriage” type of thing. Must be even harder trying to do that being infertile. A ‘check out’ isn’t really creepy but gawking is. Ew.

    I have just started reading you and I would like to have the password if its not too much trouble.

  12. Would love the password. And have to go with Erin on the creep factor- would have been a nice boost if you were in, say, a restaurant, but the fertility clinic adds some weird vibes for sure.

  13. Would love the password, please 🙂 As for the guy, I think location makes it creepy, otherwise, flattering.

  14. I think I have that beat…..
    I was in the grocery store & this 20 something year old guy is coming down the aisle, giving me the once-over.

    He gives me a little smirk, with the one eyebrow raised, and actually turns his head to watch me walk past.

    2 aisles over, I see him again with an older(my age) man. It was my old next door neighbor! I used to babysit this kid!

  15. hey there
    newish reader, mostly lurker, would like to keep reading if you care to share the new password info…thanks

  16. Pretty please?

  17. Hmmm… Speaking as a female who frequently and obviously checks out hot men in a not so sly kind of way, I agree with the not so creepy diagnosis. Perhaps it is because you are hot.

    Also, we all know what our relationships look like after years of fert treatments and believe me, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t think about other options on occasion. Keep in mind I said think, not act on.

  18. Hey DD. Requesting permission to view the “special” site!! 😉

    And, creepy or not…



  19. Ooo! Ooo! I want a link and paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssword.

    [do forgive my hyperactive attitude; I work in retail and apparently people STILL have money so i’m a little worn out and trying to keep the spirits up. and run on sentences, they’re my forte in this state of mind.]

  20. No email rec’d – would like to continue along with you, but understand if you want your circle to be manageable. Either way I’ll be thinking of you.

  21. You’re all such sinners in the heartland.

    And yes, darn it, I would ike the password.


  22. Would love to have a password…

  23. Yeah, that is totally creepy! I like the line about how if she doesn’t look up her infertility doesn’t exist. lol I would love the password..You know I love to keep up with you girl. 🙂

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