Posted by: DD | January 1, 2007

no. 352 – We’ve Officially Been Countrified

If the past 48 hours is any indication how 2007 is going to go, I am royally fucked.

An ice-storm of mythical proportions (pictures later) (and maybe not so mythical) came through and left us, us – as in most homesteads west of Small City city limits – without power.

Saturday afternoon, whilst my husband was away, X and I went into town to run some errands. Upon our return at approximately 4:30 I pulled into our driveway and pushed the garage door opener…and pushed again…and pushed again with increasing force. Nothing. I figured the ice had sealed the doors and after giving them a good pounding and kicking, climbed back into my vehicle to again jab uselessly at the door opener.

I climbed back out and after nearly cracking my head open on the driveway, made my way around to the side door. Locked. I used the key I had on my fob. Didn’t work.

Much cursing ensued.

I drove to the front of the house (yes, "drove", it was that freaking icy) and tried the key there. Didn’t work. I come to the conclusion that the key on my fob is the one that the contractors used to get in the house and once they were rekeyed I did not replace it with the new one.

I call Mr. DD and reamed him out for not making sure I had the new key on my fob and rant some more about why it’s going to take him another hour yet to get home when he’s only 60 miles away. What are X and I to do while we wait? We will surely freeze to death in our car!

Oh, shut up. I know it’s only a 10 minute drive into town.

Mr. DD suggests I check the deck door as I had went outside that morning and I have a habit of not locking it. Ha! I decide to prove him wrong and stomp around to the back of the house and give a mighty pull to the door, sure that it will not budge and I nearly get my arm torn from its socket when it slides easily open.

I’m in the house! Yeah! Jubilation! Flip the switch!


And of course I flip it again. And again. And then walk over to the next light panel and flip it. Nothing. Hurumph. No wonder the garage door wouldn’t open.

I call Mr. DD back not using my screaming-and-high-pitched voice to let him know what has happened. He gives me instructions on how to get into the garage and I pull the car back around and we are safely inside.

Except we are safely inside a house with no power, it’s getting dark and SWEETJESUS! there is no TV! No running water! And there is NO T.V.!!

Mr. DD calls again and suggests I meet him and his father for supper figuring by the time we get home, power will be restored.

By the time we got back home at 8:30 pm, power has NOT been restored. We pack a few overnight things and head to a hotel (we can’t stay at any of our family’s or friend’s homes as they all have some version of cat or dog and I’m out of albuterol and not feeling like spending the early morning hours in a hospital emergency department receiving breathing treatments), and miraculously find a room and crash for the night. Power will surely be restored by morning.

Sunday morning. We drive back out to the house. Still. No. Power. It has dropped to 55 degrees inside the house and I succeed in only getting the Christmas tree put away and cleaning up the kitchen. We have used up what little water was in the pipes. The electric company’s answering service can only tell us that the "crews have been out all night blahblahblah." We realize that spending another night in a hotel is not ideal. That’s if we find a room on New Year’s Eve. We also realize that not selling our house in town has finally shown an upside. All utilities are still on.

After hitting Tarjay as soon as they opened and buying the last three full sized air mattresses on sale and going back to the house for frozen pizzas, soda, blankets, towels and toys (and later the kitchen TV and DVD player), we are back at our house in town, bored out of our everlovin minds.

X is becoming increasingly antsy and highly annoying. He starts asking as early as 6:00 pm if it’s time for bed as he is anticipating sleeping on his "new" bed. The only thing that keeps us from telling him it is indeed bedtime is the realization he will be very awake by 5:00 the next morning and I would rather sleep in a running car then deal with that bullshit.

After freezing our asses off (air mattresses do not hold body heat so well), we awoke to the sun shining and making for some once in a lifetime sights as trees glistened like million dollar chandeliers and the lawns were full of glitter.

But still…

…we have no electricity and we are feeling a bit displaced and crabby. I couldn’t even get my morning mocha from the coffee place as they are closed for the holiday. If I have to spend another night NOT at home, I’ll go from being angry to being very depressed.

I just want to go home.



  1. What a sucky new year so far. We’ve got tons and tons of rain here, but at least we have power. Hope you’re home soon!

  2. Holidays off of work and weekends are supposed to be fun. How dare that ho, Mother Nature, get in the way. Jeez, a little kid asking to go to bed, that’s just sick.

    We’ll send out search parties if we don’t hear from you again soon. Well, me and that one other shut in geek on the Internet this weekend/holiday.

  3. I’m now singing “Show me the way to go home” over and over and over. I’m so sorry about that nasty snow storm. I hope your power gets restored soon and the rest of your 2007 is wonderful.

  4. Man, that is definitely the sucky side of country living. I used to live a cabin on 10 acres in the middle of nowhere. I swear the electric coop (yes, not a company, a coop) had hamsters running in wheels to keep us in power. And everytime the hamster had to stop running to take a dump, the power would go out. Then the hamster would have a little heart attack and we’d be out of power for 24 hrs before they got a replacement.
    Sorry your new year has started out so sucky – it can only get better from here!

  5. I read about this storm in the paper today and hoped it had missed you. Hope things return to normal quickly!

  6. I was hoping that that storm slid around small-town NE, but I guess not.
    We have about 2 inches of rain in the basement.

    Funny, Maggie was in bed at 7:00 last night.
    She didn’t take a nap, so she was really getting whiny & I wanted her out of my hair, so I agreed! Her Uncle Matt got her a Princess airmatress for Christmas, so she almost doesn’t protest going to bed. She actually laid there & played until around 9, so she slept until 8 this morning.

  7. Man, that does suck. I remember those Plains ice storms so very fondly. (not!)
    Hope you get power soon and can go back home to your own cozy bed and a nice homemade meal.

  8. Ouch, sorry about that. Power outages are a rare occurence in Toronto, but when it does, it’s not so fun. I know people who have bought their own generators just because they can’t stand the thought of throwing away another freezer full of food. Personally, I don’t know if it would help much, since I would likely be the one to screw it up in some way!

  9. oh man that really blows. no fair to have to spend lovely holiday days away from your comforts and the many tv marathons. hope the power is on back very soon, and you don’t have to spend another night.

  10. Ugh. That makes me remember why I left the frozen tundra that is upstate New York and moved to Atlanta. I hope the power comes back on soon, because that’s a terrible way to spend the new year.

  11. So sorry to hear that! We got some of the same crap you did. It started as rain, then the temp went down and it turned to ice. Within a couple hours, we had snow.
    “They” say it will be in the mid 40’s this week. Hopefully it will help thaw some stuff out and you can go home.

  12. Shoot me in the head for missing winter. Shoot me now!

  13. Well that all completely sucks. I really hope you are back in your home with utilities by now!

  14. I can sympathize with no electricity. When Wilma hit last year, we had no power for a week. It really sucked. But thankfully, it was mild weather (for Florida that’s like high 70’s) and we could keep the windows open since we were on the second floor at that time.

  15. Would it (have) help (ed) to pretend you’re camping?

    Ugh, I hate when the power goes out, which where we live is pretty often.

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