Posted by: DD | January 2, 2007

no. 353 – Oven Mitts Will Not Work

Itchy I have a palm sized welt on my tush from one shot of PIO. It’s red, it’s hot, it’s raised and if I continue to scratch at it non-stop, I’m going to be sent home for sexual harrassment.

Please help! I’m going crazzzy (I say gritting my teeth and scratching like a rabid chimp)!


Electricity was restored sometime last night, but we didn’t know, and so spent three full nights away from home. I see a generator in our future.



  1. But it really does feel good to scratch it non-stop!! I’m a teacher and I often wonder what my kids think when they see me scratching my behind. Hot, really hot, wet compresses, just on that red spot help me. I have even done them right after the shot. HTH!

  2. Anti itch cream?
    I am no help.

  3. A good scratch never killed anyone, and if you can amuse a few locals at the same time… then you can’t go wrong!

  4. Benadryl cream and hot wet compresses immediately after the shot. And keep an eye out for spreading and/or hives (a circle with a white ring around it)- my allergies started with welts but progressed to hives. But then I seem to be the only one that happens to- most people stick with welts. Sorry its so uncomfortable.

  5. Looks like you already got some good assvice.

    (I crack myself up!)

    I hope it’s better soon!

  6. Go with the Benadryl. Cream I’m sure will work as Leggy suggested. I use the spray.

  7. what’s your PIO mixed with sesame? olive oil? etc… maybe call the RE and see if he can switch things to another one. As for things – warm compresses, hydrocortisone cream, tagamet and benadryl… fun times huh? Sorry love the pic though!

  8. Can I laugh? That is so funny…okay, I’ll shut-up now.

  9. When I did PIO shots, I had a hot compress that was covered with an old, bloody college t-shirt that used on the injection site. To this day, I can’t look at the water bottle without thinking of those mother-effin’ shots.

  10. How about you add a welt to your head and then you can scratch your bottom and your head at the same time and really look like a chimp. what, that wasn’t funny?

    Scratch away. Sitting on a heating pad worked for me and you can do it now that you have electricity. Man that must have sucked without it.

  11. Yikes! Would a sitz bath help at all? The diary of IF indignities knows no end, does it?
    Hang in there.

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