Posted by: DD | January 4, 2007

no. 354 – Woe Is Me

Tired. Crabby. Bored. Disenchanted.

And I don’t feel like anyone loves me.




  1. For what it’s worth, I still think you’re awesome. 🙂

  2. Are you feeling the love from Montana?????

  3. No love? Here is some from MN!

    Sorry you have the blues.

  4. Well, *I* love you. Hang in there.

  5. Lovin you from Arkansas!!!
    Hope you feel better soon Sweetie.

  6. I adore you!

  7. What about ME? I think you rock!

  8. Oh girl… of course I lurv you! You make me laugh, even when you’re pissy! 😉

  9. I lalalalalooooove you. I do, and I adore you, and I think you are fantastic and divine and gorgeous and you make great drinks.

  10. Love, love me do! You know, I love you! I’ll always be true! So Pleeeeaaassseee…love me dooo…

    I’ve never understood that song. But it is stuck in my head now. Yeah!

  11. AAAWWWW, I heart you BIG TIME!

    Sorry you’re down in the dumps. Now that you mention it, I feel a little crappy too.
    G-D bills!!!! I just can’t seem to get ahead. Hell, I’d be happy just to be able to pay the bills that are due right now instead of always playing “catch-up” and robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  12. Nothing like begging for people to comment. Geez, must be feeling very sorry for yourself. That is so terrible, because you know I never do that, right? 😉
    You know Wisconsin loves you baby.
    I am working on a plan for you to visit me this summer, so don’t go filling up all your weekend in June, July and August, OK?

  13. Well, I love you. But I’m in Hollywood right now, so I think that means it’s probably fake…like EVERYTHING else out here.

    And taco bells with no drive thru. WTF?

  14. … more love…

  15. Dearest Gnarly Troll
    Oh, what a cry for attention. Enjoy all the hugs and love sent your way because you know I could post the exact same post and receive NO comments whatsoever other then maybe something akin to kicking me while I’m down.
    I can’t say as I love you but I do have some genuine fondness for you lurking somewhere around here.

  16. Well, I think you’re lovely and kind so tell the woe to fuck right off and leave you alone.

  17. I love you in a bloggy sort of way 🙂

  18. I love you but, as I’ve managed to pass my miserable cold on to everyone else that I love, you’re welcome to say “Uh, no thanks.” I’d completely understand.

    I second “Blech.”

  19. Awww…we all love you DD!

  20. Let’s see, there’s all of us . . . there’s little boy wonder and surely the mister too(but it’s hard to tell with misters sometimes! Believe me, I know!)

    Sorry you’re feeling so blech.


  21. MTV used to have these 10 second shorts that ran between videos. There was one where these two punks were hanging out outside a store. The boy says, “nobody likes me.” And the girl responds, “I like you Oliver!” And the boy pauses for a moment and repeats his statement, “nobody good likes me.”

    As long as you don’t change the statement…I like you, DD.

  22. So I reached you with the “woe” eh?
    Sorry about that. I love you Canadian style, which means with back bacon.

  23. woe is me… hmm can’t you feel the love?

  24. I get this way once a month — and my once a month happens to coincide with your current ‘life sucks’ mood.

  25. What’s the reason for not feeling loved? Because there seems to be a lot of love right here, not to mention X and Mr D?

  26. Aw, sweetie. Come here. I’ve got a great big hug with your name on it.

  27. One word: chocolate.

    Chocolate always loves you.

  28. We love you, darling!

  29. Sending you some California love. It counts, right?

  30. We love you, we do! X

  31. I hope you’re a little less in the dumps. That’s a shitty feeling. Sending you love from MA too!

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