Posted by: DD | January 8, 2007

no. 356 – The Beginning of NDW 2007

Natl_delurking_week Tuesday reminded me just now that the 2nd week in January is National De-Lurking Week. I didn’t blog about this last year as I just felt it was a blatant and self-effacing attempt to get one to comment. Over the year, I’ve realized I’ve used just about every trick in the book to get lurkers to comment with some notable success: pregnancies; miscarriages; Wordless Wednesdays; Holiday Card Exchange; protected posts; and of course my most recent depressing post about what to do next (which I am no closer to deciding then I was last week).

So here’s your chance to De-Lurk without actually worrying about contributing anything clever, sage-like, intelligent or even semi-coherent (not that most of you regulars do anyway…). However, for those of you who would require a crowbar to pry you out of your quiet, shy shells, here’s just some suggestion: your (nick) name; where you hail from (by hemisphere if you’re really into your privacy); and of course what you learned about me or yourself in 2006 (feel free to improvise here).

We will return to our regularly scheduled pity-party next week as one or two posts were inspired by different comments from the last post.



  1. I am not de-lurking, as I took care of that a while back, but I want to say ‘hi’ and that I learned/had it brutally reinforced last year what an amazing and strong woman you are. However, it’s the wicked sense of humor that keeps me around.

  2. I have commented before so not realy a lurker,but wanted to make my official debut.

  3. I’m not exactly a lurker but I wanted to take a moment and comment. Hi!

  4. Not de-lurking, but hi. National de-lurking week? Who knew? Not me.

  5. I think that I lurked on the last post and maybe the one before that…so, here I am. Delurking. Ta da!

  6. I am not delurking, but I do want to say I may steal your logo and use it! I get mommybloggers and personal bloggers commenting, but my political readers, never, even after I note their static IPs from govt. offices on my statcounter.
    I don’t bite…and not every post I write is tragic and scary!

  7. I delurked previously, so am I re-de-lurking? Heh.

  8. Hi from Canada!

  9. If there is only one thing I like less than the flu (which I am battling right now….see my laser sword?) it’s freaking de-lurking week :-)! Tididlidili….it’s me, de-lurking. And who needs de-lurking week anyways if one has statcounter and sees their docs (as Thalia) or un-knowing friends (me) or relatives (you I think) blog surfing behavior anyways :-D. Well well, blablabla, need to take next penicillin pill, blablabla, am delurking….hugs!

  10. So obviously I am not really de-lurking since I already commented like…what?…fivehundred times? But but, am high on med and think commenting is fun:D…forgive me :-S

  11. ok, so don’t think I am a stalker (I am not!!!) but I just had to comment a third time since I have a crucial typo in my last comment.

    I am of course high on meds with an S, don’t want anybody to think I am high on “meth” or anything :-S. Will shut up now….

  12. I’m not a lurker but figured I’d say HI! anyway!

  13. N, whatever you are taking, I’ll take two more please.

    I’m wondering where the lurkers are, since so far none of the people so far count as lurkers since they’ve all commented at least once (500x) before. Come out, come out, where ever you are.

    That sounds rather creepy, doesn’t it. But I do see you lurking in my stats. You may as well actually pop in and say HI.

  14. I’ve commented a couple times. I think I have a stalker tendancies but only when looking for updates. I’m from Las Vegas.

  15. Hi,

    Re-delurking. Your blog is great, the funny posts make me laugh out loud, and the serious ones have me rooting for you and your family. Unfortunately, we are fighting the same battle (secondary infertility), so I tend to check in a lot, especially when I am feeling down… I hope that’s not considered stalking??

    Thanks for writing what so many of us feel,


  16. I think I may be a bona fide delurker! I know I lurk a lot around people’s blogs and I don’t think I have ever commented before.

    So, hello, my name is Summer and I’m a lurker.

  17. I think I’ve posted a few times, but not often, so delurk, delurk.

  18. Hi there, I de-lurked when you went with a password, but I’ll leave you a comment now too….howdy from Iowa.

  19. DD, I have read your blog for some time, and Love it.. I am not sure if I have commented before, but if not HI!!!!! I Love ya!! You are such a brite voice when I need it, even if your not having a good day… youknow misery loves her company!! I hope that you hang in there, and any decision you make will be the right one!! BTW, I am from NC!!!

  20. hellooooo! not really delurking, but Ola anyways:)

  21. OK, I’m not a delurker but here I am!

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