Posted by: DD | January 9, 2007

no. 357 – Only 4 Days Left…

Natl_delurking_week_1 …to delurk. I’ve made it my mission this week. My distraction. If you won’t delurk then I won’t be distracted and you know what happens if you don’t distract a monkey while trying to steal it’s overripe melon, don’t you…

I found a website several months ago and was going to use it to create approximate likenesses to Alexa, Molly and Jennifer since I didn’t want to post our photos from when we got together for Confab. I created an Alexa, but because it takes a little extra time, and I never seem to have any, I wasn’t able to get back to it and now I’ve basically forgotten what everyone looks like so I went ahead and created the DD family.

If I was to Meme this out, I would tag several people to go out to the Portrait Illustration Maker and create your own icon, but if I’m having a hard time getting delurkers to delurk, how could I possibly make you create your own icon???? *wink,wink*

A few tips on the product:

  • Start with "Face Line" for the general outline of your face before trying to add eyes, nose and hair.
  • "Back" is the background. Do this last, if you bother at all.
  • The up/down arrows allow you to move the feature up or down on the face. Very important when it comes to the wrinkles because mine defaulted to my neck and definitely very unflattering.
  • I saved mine as JPG.

Without further ado, because no one ados like I do, I present the DD family icons via the Portrait Illustration Maker:

Ddpim   Xpil_1Mrddpim



  1. What is Mr. DD holding in his illustration? I’m having a hard time making it out but it looks like either a thighmaster or The Club, both of which seem unlikely.

  2. HA! A thighmaster?!

    It’s a RC (radio control) car as ode to his hobby.

  3. Quite the handsome group. Love those green eyes of Mr. DD.

    Didn’t realize he’s into RC stuff.

    [just went downstairs to check for sure]

    I just threw away last week an RC battery/charger from Radio Shack that I wanted to find a home for. It sat on my counter for over a year. Just goes to reinforce my wicked ways that I really should never throw anything away.

  4. Did you know that if you return a broken radio control car to Radio Shack, they must destroy it? Destroy as in take it and stomp it into a million pieces.

    My husband once asked an employee if he could have the broken cars because he could fix them and have them as inexpensive toys for our son and they could not because of their policy.

    Next time you buy something and it breaks (and it will from radio shack), see if you can find a hobbiest who will either fix it for you or give it a better home.

  5. How cool is that??! I have to go try it later on tonight.

  6. Love the family portrait.

  7. I am delurking for myself and my dog who seems to have found the internet since he has his paws up on the desk and is staring at the screen. Do you think he can read? I do since he is a gifted animal.

  8. Delurking to say ‘hi’. So ‘hi’. 🙂

  9. I’ll have to try that out…

  10. I’m delurking even though I know it’s old. I just started reading you and I love the way you write. Don’t let anyone tell you your not a writer.

    • Thank you for not only delurking, but for the compliment. It was a nice way for me to start my day.

  11. Your very welcome and I’m still enjoying the reading of you blog. I also feel you pain.

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