Posted by: DD | January 10, 2007

no. 358 – Who Wants An Update?

Natl_delurking_week_2I didn’t want it to come to this, but apparently some type of bribery is necessary. The best I can offer is if you delurk and you happen to have a blog, I will make sure to add you to my bloglines and start lurking you.

Mmmmm. Maybe making statements of stalking is not encouraging?

Well then, maybe someone can explain this picture to me because I am left scratching my head in confusion.

Tp_saver_2 Do you think someone was pulling on the paper and then they fell off the toilet leaving an excess? It’s not like it unrolls easily so it would take a really hardy pull. Now if you’ll notice, if the toilet paper had not been wound around the hand rail, it would be touching the floor.

I’m sorry, but if I even think that the TP has touched the floor, I’m not using it. And what’s wrong with just tearing it off and flushing it? Or how about winding it back onto the roll (which again if it’s touched the floor, that’s just gross).

The weird thing is that I’ve walked into the bathroom on more than one occasion to find it this way. Either someone doesn’t know their own strength or the Incredible Hulk starting working down the hall.

And some housekeeping notes: I’ll be updating on my other blog shortly. I posted over at Another Child and would like you to weigh in. The post sounds a little harsh now, but I’m not changing it, so feel free to be frank. Lastly, I’m looking for MIL stories. Email me a story or two about something your MIL did or said to you or your family and I’ll compile them, anonymously, for a post on MILDEW (sorry, I can’t provide the link at this time).



  1. OK, now you’ve just added to my already long list of public bathroom phobias! Has the paper touched the floor?

    I think some oddball is just messing with the paper. Maybe it’s the nosey nellie in your office who reads your blog. Maybe she was doing it just to see if you’d post a picture here. Maybe she has bathroom issues too.

    I would not use that paper.

  2. I just have one question:
    Why do you take your camera into the bathroom with you???

  3. just another reason I hate using public restrooms. Ugh.

    That is whY I always take the first two layers of tp and flush it and then take interior paper to use.

    I have problems

  4. DD, you’ve started a new phenomena — people taking picture of their work bathrooms and posting them on the internet.

  5. Heather, I walked into the bathroom and saw this and went back to get my camera. However, make sure to look up the next time you’re in a bathroom…bwahahaha

    Tuesday, OMG. Please do not share this info on your first Mommy Date. Wait for the third date b/c that’s seriously too fucking funny.

  6. The list of toilet paper hygiene violations that happens here is nothing short of appalling. Then again, it’s a college campus. At home, we’re very careful about it because ick, who wants toilet paper that’s touched the bathroom floor?

  7. Uurrggg! Wouldn’t use it myself! You never know 🙂

  8. Our cats regularly drag long strings of toilet paper off of the roll and into the hallway. Husband doesn’t mind using the floor-paper, but I won’t. Isn’t ridiculous how picky we are with something that’s only used to WIPE our ASSES?

  9. I have a similar aversion to the public toilet paper. I always pull off some and throw it away before I pull off the piece for me to use. Just the thought of someone else touching the paper I’m going to use creeps me out.

  10. Ok, you get more people to comment about the toilet paper then delurking.

    NAKED, NAKED, NAKED! 😉 Had to say it.

  11. You work with some strange people. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  12. Ok. Does this count as a delurk? I kind of have been lurking, but you knew I was reading to begin with, right?

    I am working on a MIL post as we speak.


  13. OMG you are a RIOT!!!! I rad the other post, and frankly I LOVE it… I agree…. IF is just that IF, no matter, it is painful all the way around!!!

  14. Sorry been busy but delurking… will have to try and draw everyone out of the woodwork as well at my blog. As for the tp… uhmm I wouldn’t use it. I’d tear that part off I’m just not into debating my odds as to whether or not it touched the floor.

  15. Theory: wrapping the toilet paper around the metal support rod provides more torque as the user attempts to tear the paper, thereby ensuring full separation at the sheet perforation upon the initial attempt.

    Reality: some loser yanked on the loose end, the toilet roll spun like a slot machine and deposited half its sheets on the floor; said loser then attempted to cover this up by winding the paper on the rod.

    Bottom-line: damn funny picture.

  16. I so hate public restrooms! YUCK! Someone must have too much time on their hands to be wrapping the paper around the bar like that!

  17. OMG- I was going to say I was delurking-but that photo has me cracking up! (I do what Tuesday does, BTW, totally phobic…)
    Incredible Hulk at the workplace!

  18. Yick. I’m never excited to find TP dangling so it touches the floor or hanging like that. Have to tear it off and get rid of it before I can use it.

    As for MILs, if you’ve read any of my December entries, you’ll know I can’t contribute for MILDEW (which I do peek in on once in a while); she’s just too darn helpful! And saved our behinds by flying down to babysit so I could go to my husband’s christmas party when our sitter (my sister!) cancelled. Pretty awesome.

  19. We don’t have that problem at work. Despite working for a college, we only get the 1 ply. Do you fathom what it is like to pull the 1 ply? Pull… rip… Pull… rip… Pull pull rip rip… It is obnoxious.

  20. I think I’m delurking!

  21. I’m delurking too!

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