Posted by: DD | January 11, 2007

no. 359 – It’s The Final Countdown

…nana-na, na-na-NA na-na, it’s the final countdown…

Natl_delurking_week_3 Gah! Only two more days to delurk! Do now or forever lose your chance again…or at least until next year.

I need some help with TypePad’s Widgets (the side bar crap). Silly word, that Widget. Sounds like something I would get from a school mate in a high school locker room, and I don’t mean in a good way.

At some point in the past few months I joined the clique MyBlogLog. I didn’t even remember doing so until I started getting notifications that people had added me to their own MyBlogLog log. Then I noticed on different blogs, including Oh, The Joys, this nifty widget that shows who had been visiting her blog by MyBlogLog. I also see that TypePad has the Widget (which is supposed to make it easier to add things to a TypePad blog).

I went though the motions and instructions to add the Widget and the first time it only showed some dude named Cooqy, who I have no fucking clue who the heck he is, but he’s been visiting my blog now for over 72 continuous hours. How do you all say it? I’m skeeved out. …what does that even mean??? Now it shows Cooqy and OTJ.

Anyway, it’s not working right and I don’t know why.

Also, how would I post a jpg file to my sidebar? No, I don’t want to do it through Flickr. Say for example, I want to add the jpg icons of the DD Family. How?

It’s official. I’m blogtarded.

I bet you can’t hardly wait for the claptrap I’ll post on Friday…



  1. If you are blogtarded, I wonder what that makes me….seeing as how you have helped me with issues that I couldn’t figure out numerous times.

  2. Long long time lurker, coming out! Widget has to be one of my favorite all time words.

  3. Well, I’m not a really lurker since I have commented before, I’m just not a regular commenter. But I’ll come out and play and leave a comment 🙂

  4. Can I borrow that word? Blogtarded! Me too!

  5. I’m delurking!! I have not been reading your blog for too long, but I really enjoy it. I have one bio child, one adopted and one adopted on the way.

  6. You don’t have to post the image somewhere do you? Since you already have it on the web (in your post) can’t you use that?? I know you can on blogger.

  7. I can’t even figure out how to get a pic on the sidebar of blogger.

  8. I know you could replace your fighting babies as your user image for it to show up. Otherwise, I think you have to host the photo somewhere (like photobucket) and then set up a typelist or whatever they are called and pick notes, and then do the html code for inserting an image.

    I’m still trying to figure out what the point of mybloglog is. I know it is very popular..I guess I am just out of the loop.

  9. Is it really delurking if I’m not a lurker? Anywho, hi! (waving wildly)

  10. I think it also depends on if you have template access. I know that typepad is set up way differently than Movable Type, which is totally hosted with your own host. I had a look around typepad a little while ago, but after so many years of using MT, I couldn’t imagine using typepad. The functions are too limited for me.

    Hi, my name is Statia and I’m the asshole that shit all over typepad. Go ahead, kick me in the ass. I deserve it.

  11. I’m not a lurker, I just don’t always have something to say. Anyway, I’m out here and reading!!

  12. Relatively recent lurker here. I got here by a way of a link from, uh, I don’t remember who, when you had your latest pregnancy loss. I lost two before I had my first, and I’m still somewhat drawn to other peoples’ stories. I got so much from my online relationships at the time that I feel like it’s my karmic duty to send good, healing vibes back out there.

    But then I’m kinda lazy about actually commenting, so … don’t know where that leaves my karma.


  13. Not sure if I am a lurker. I am drawn to you and your story due to SIF myself. I am very bad at commenting. I enjoy reading and have found it nice to not be alone with this infertility roller coaster.

  14. I’m rather blogtarded too. I just discovered bloglines (with your help) a month ago!

  15. You are so funny. It holds (up to 10 I think) pictures until they are replaced by the next visitors. 72 hours. Heh.

    HOWEVER… I have no effing clue what that site is about or why we’re all doing it but I guess no harm no foul, right?


  16. To put up an image you have to make a typelist as a note and link the image with javascript… kind of complex – email me and I’ll give more details.

  17. Blogtarded, hysterical… I haven’t signed up at Mybloglog because I sometimes lurk on blogs until I’m brave enough to comment without making ass of myself. And not all of the ones I read are about IF, so I don’t want anyone to be shocked when they trackback to me, y’know?
    72 hours, yeah, I sometimes wonder if some of mine like that have fallen asleep or had a heart attack, poor buggers.

  18. Poor Cooqy. He probably feels so naked in his stalking now.

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