Posted by: DD | January 12, 2007

no. 360 – FINally!

Natl_delurking_week_4 Finally, the last day of National Delurking Week.  Thank you for those who have (or will by the end of the day) delurked. Just so you know, you don’t have to wait until next year for another opportunity to delurk. You’re welcome to stop in anytime.

I guess I should let the cat out of the bag as I know my co-workers are dying to know what incurred the necessity of a private blog and since I know they won’t hoof it into my office to ask, here’s the poop. We saw the doctor a couple weeks ago. Yesterday we tested. It was negative. So, I will continue to be bitter and bitchy about it, thank you very much.

Since I’m not sure what we will do next, I hope you won’t mind if I start writing more about my husband who provides me plenty of material due to his current status as MALE. Of course, that means stories about my son since he falls into a MALE subcategory. If you haven’t subscribed to that other blog in bloglines yet, you should as I will continue to provide the more juicy stories there. Disclaimer: "Juicy" may be an exaggeration.

My husband and I are finally taking some vacation time. In February we are going to C0pper M0unta1n in CO, and in June we will be spending a whole week at a beach house in SC. Beach_house_1

Maybe I can sneak away one day to visit some of you from SC?? Otherwise we plan on filling our days with lounging by the pool or at the beach reading magazines and books and making sure X doesn’t go poking any near-dead jellyfish with his toe.

Mr. DD asked me if we would change our plans if I got pregnant. Since the odds of that happening are about the same as Bush declaring a withdrawal of troops, I told him it wouldn’t matter if suddenly I was pregnant with quads, I would be taking some vacation time, even if it meant driving there on a lawn tractor.

Kisskiss Finally, here’s another Thank You to you, my friends, my lurkers, my bitchez.

*air kisses* (unless you’re into tongue and then you’ll just have to fantasize and make sure not to leave any drool on your screen – it might be hard to clean up)



  1. Does your lawn tractor have a side car? I too am done waiting for the vacation I want because I am infertile. Fuk that.

    I hope you can sit by the beach and read pregnancy magazines (does anyone really read those things anyway).

  2. I like to wait until the last minute: DELURK. Now I go and hide some more. I hope your vacation is relaxing and rejuvinating (or however you spell that)

  3. Air kisses right back atcha, sweetie. You absolutely deserve a vacation. XO

  4. I’m glad to hear of the vacation, but sad to hear of the negative.

    Thinking about you — and Nicolas is, too. Last night he wanted to know about his friend, Max, and when he was coming to visit again.

  5. Vacation? What is this strange concept of which you speak??? And you’re talking about two of them in the same calendar year??
    I’m definitely impressed! (Then again, they’re well deserved. Hope you enjoy every minute)

  6. ***SMOOOOOCH***!!!!!! Right backatcha Babe!
    Love the lip gloss!

  7. June is a time of year when I’m not teaching, and as we used to live in SC, I would love to make a trip back there. It’s not a long drive from Atlanta, and P and I are always on the lookout for fun things to do for our summers (I say with the air of someone who’s already had one whole summer like that). J will likely have to work, but perhaps we could find a mutually agreed-upon time and place to meet up?

  8. Vacation? What is that?

    You deserve one and nice long one.

  9. Would love to hear more about the mister and the superkid . . . start typing!

  10. I’ve noticed this trend toward big sunglasses. I haven’t been able to jump on board myself, yet, but do admire them from afar.

  11. Vaca…Va…Vacati…
    Where do I get me one of those? Can I come too?

  12. Is it to late for me to delurk…but I don’t really lurk, so ugh, I digress.

    Have big mad fun on that vacation!

  13. that you?? What a hottie you are!

    Sorry about the stupid negative. So sorry.

  14. Hey, we could meet at South of the Border with Pedro!

  15. Even if you got pregnant today, you could still make it to SC in June. I could think of nothing better to do at the six month point than lay on a beach chair and read.

  16. mmmmm… vacation. We tried that for Christmas. I got food poisoning. And was dumb enough to cling to the pathetic notion that all the sudden barfing just might have been from me being pregz. pft. Yah, right.
    Never ever evah eat at Charly’s Grilled Subs in the Detroit airport, mkay?
    Nice sunglasses. I’m a tad bit of a sunglass whore.
    And THANK YOU for FREAKING FINALLY posting pics of yourself, you fab woman, you! It is sooooooo awesome to finally put a face to the name for this wonderful gal that has lifted my spirits more often than not.
    Kisses to you, my dear!
    And to any of DD’s co-workers that might be reading the comments, you suck, you nosey mean byotches!

  17. ok – delurking! I’m Martha. I just found you a few days ago and I’m so glad. I’m in a similar spot — one child, secondary IF, on the brink of giving up but somehow just can’t.

    I’m really, really sorry about the negative. and I’m right there with you (got mine on Monday).

    what do you mean about your blog going private?? are you going away? please, no!

  18. Not one but two planned vacations that don’t involve visiting family? Rather green here.

  19. Does it count as delurking if I tell you that I check your blog daily but I only comment sometimes 🙂

  20. Long time listener, first time caller?

  21. Oooh, two vacations. Now that’s a plan. It could only be better if you were going to NC, not SC.

  22. Oh my Got, you are gorgeous!

    Even on a lawn tractor you’d look like a movie star.

  23. delurking to say “Hi.”

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