Posted by: DD | January 14, 2007

no. 361 – Housekeeping

I’ve been doing some housekeeping on my blog. I took away the categories because some of you are busy getting pregnant and birthing babies and then many of you were in multiple categories and of course let’s not forget to factor in my laziness.

So there.

Please, if you see your link, make sure it goes to your site. I was starting to get a little cross-eyed. If you do not see your link, well then, it has to be because you need to let me know you have a blog you would like me to add. Simple, no?

****** UPDATED: Apparently, the only "simple" thing around here is me. As Statia pointed out, many of the links came back to me. Trust me, the fuck-up was unintentional. ****************

I was also busy with my own categories as I felt the quirky titles were fine for me, but they hardly do visitors much good. I’ve been busy. It does help that a winter storm, with snow! mind you finally came to fruition. It kept me from running into town for shopping and errands, but it also kept X inside as he attempts to replace every one of my professionally dyed, blond hair with either gray, dark gray, and white strands of limpless locks.

Catching up on my reading this weekend was a simple joy, however I need to point out some special people who could use a little extra attention and encouragement. Trish found out that her Dad has prostate cancer; and then there’s Kellie’s Dad has now had his foot amputated and his hospital stay continues with no easily apparent end in sight. And finally both Alexa and Dr. Spouse are having to hold out over long weekends for Tuesday to arrive with some definitive news.



  1. A lot of the links go to your site, fyi. I was all digging through your blogroll for new reads.

  2. Very snazzy! I love the new title for all of the links! Free for all indeed.

  3. And now I see nothing. Is it my adblocker, or you. Crap I’ll be back tomorrow to look. It’s too late and I’m too tired to make sense of this.

  4. I also see no links…

  5. Sorry, I took down the links until I have time to fix them. Sorry, sorry, sorry. (I told you I was blogtarded)

  6. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for so long. Ahh, how misery lurves company.

  7. Links back up (I think). Let me know if anyone has any problems. Thanks.

  8. If I had a nickel for every bad hyperlink I’d ever created, I could retire.

  9. How funny! Like minds must be neat freaks I guess.

  10. Happy housekeeping! I did a little dusting-off of my blog today, as well. My first post in about 5 months. Egad. I’ve still been reading you, just have been too lazy and stressed out to comment much. Been thinking about you often, though.

  11. Ooh. A cool revamp!

    It always feels good when I ‘tweak’ my colors occasionally.

    And thank you for adding me. 😉

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