Posted by: DD | January 15, 2007

no. 362 – Dude Looks Like a Lady

Long_hair Would you believe this is what attracted me to my husband? The thing is, when I moved back into the area close to where I was raised after living 4 years in some of the bigger cities in the Midwest, I never expected to see someone looking like this who was actually living here. He definitely wasn’t fresh off the farm.This picture was from 1992. I bet you couldn’t tell.

He was extremely sensitive about his hair. One of the first rules he ever gave me when we started dating is that I am to never, ever braid it and he really would prefer if I didn’t even touch it. Not that he cared what it looked like. It’s just that he had spent years listening to everyone he ever knew nag him about it. No one was ever going to tell him how it should look.

I admired his dedication and commitment. What commitment, you ask? Most of us have some idea what hell it is to grow out our hair. For him to get beyond the ear-length and poofy stage, because his hair is naturally wavy, to all one length (without the aid of barrettes or hair bands) is rather impressive when you think about it. "Can’tCommit" was the nickname we had for different guys we would see that tried to grow their hair long then gave up in the growing-out stage and cut the top off and left the back go long. Yes, the classic mullet. Again, for Mr. DD, it was all or nothing.

Due to a particularly nasty incident with a creeper (the wheeled contraption that mechanics use to roll under a car), he always wore it in a pony-tail at work. As a matter of fact, he only wore it down when we went out.

It wasn’t until shortly after we got married that he decided to cut it all off. X never saw his Dad with long hair, not even in pictures until a few days ago when Mr. DD found the above picture in a box, yet to be unpacked.

When X saw the picture, without prompting, he said, "Hey, is that Daddy?! He looks like a DUDE."

Now, I have no idea what the point of reference is that makes a guy with long hair somehow a DUDE, but there it is. In fact, when I mentioned it was time for X to get another haircut, he told me he didn’t want to. He wanted to grow it long…like a DUDE.



  1. Well, at least he didn’t say he wanted the mullet, right?

  2. All I could think about after reading this entry was the Big Lebowski and “the dude.” So funny that long hair is the reference….

  3. Ahhh… I remember when G looked like that. Now he reminds me of Homer Simpson. But I love him, anyway, the big galoot.
    Hot hubby, BTW. 😉

  4. Hee hee hee!

  5. Oh. My.
    What do I say????
    Duuuuuuuuudddeee…. rokkin’, dude.

  6. Hair band dude!

    X’s world has been rocked. Can’t wait for what he comes up with next: cigs, brews, …

  7. That is so funny.

    I never dated any guys with long hair. Hard to believe because I do live in Jersey after all.

  8. God, I needed that laugh this morning.
    Thank you!

  9. I’m so attracted to guys with long hair! I really hoped that the-boy was going to be a dude… sadly, he wants no part of it. I don’t think he knows what he’s missing…

  10. Ah, I was also attracted to my dh because of his hair. I never thought of it as a show of commitment, though- interesting. My kids never knew Daddy with long hair either as he cut it when my oldest was 4 months old. But we do have pictures up on the wall.
    As a matter of fact, when I reached the gazebo at our wedding after walking down the aisle, DH looked at me and didn’t say I was beautiful, no-no. He said “How’s my hair?”

  11. Well I never would have guessed. You know I LOVE me some long hair, but you?

    Now I love you even more.

    I’ll have to tell The Boy that he is a dude seeing as how his hair is half way down his back. I have to keep it shorter on top and on the sides (not quite classic mullet) until he is better able to take care of it. Last night he asked me to put it in a pony tail cause it was in his face!

  12. Um… we totally need the “after” picture now.

  13. In my younger-guitar-player-dating-concert-going-days, my girlfriends & I called all the hot long haired band members “L.H.D’s”
    Long Haired Dudes!

  14. That picture? Is awesome.

  15. I love X! He is so funny 🙂 Love the pic too. Can we see an after pic as well? (After the hair cut, that is)

  16. LOL. I just about fell out of my chair. He looks like every guy I ever knew or dated back then….I hate when “dudes” have better hair than me.

  17. I have had love/hate thoughts about guys with long hair.
    I love how it looks on most of them.
    I hate that I can not ever in a million years get my hair to grow like that.
    I love how soft their hair is, is it cause they rarely bath?
    I hate when it gets in my mouth during sex. 😉
    How was that DUUUUUUDE?

  18. Duuude!

    Have to give him kudos – my hair’s never been that long because it looks too thin and scraggily by the time it gets to my shoulders. sigh.

  19. I totally would have fallen for that hair back in ’92!

  20. oh man. you got me thinking evil thoughts about the pony tail picture of my own huz from 1993.hmmm. maybe…. he looked distinctly more “dudette” with his, bless his little metrosexual socks.

    yeah, Mr DD, definitely a DUDE!

  21. My dude had thick black it is white and mostly missing..for some reason he blames me 🙂

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